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This app is FREE!!! It works great on all iPhones, iPod Touches, and iPads with network access.
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QUICK! - Show me the airline flight board for this airport RIGHT NOW!!

"I don't want to type in my whole flight itinerary just to get a simple departure list" - we agree!!

Are you frustrated trying to get arrival and departure information for your airport? Do you want an app that makes this task much easier?

"Flight Status - Free" automatically determines your airport and displays the departure and arrival flights for that airport. Simply select your flight number and get the details including current gate, flight delays, cancellations, destination weather reports, and much more.

You can even display a flight tracker map so that you can map the status of a specific flight.

"Flight Status - Free" is powered by a leading flight tracking website - FlightStats™ by Conducive Technology™. You can select from thousands of worldwide airports to get flight status information.

"Flight Status - Free" also gives you quick access to a wide range of other features offered by FlightStats™ including the popular flight tracking tool and the ability to read reports on security delays.

Please note: "Flight Status - Free" is a front-end app that provides convenient links to FlightStats™ by Conducive Technology™, and is subject to their website design and terms of use. See www.FlightStats.com for their terms of use.


Flight Status

Has not been updated for iPad iPhone use

Has my flight info, nice app

Works great!

For Those Who Suffer TSA- Relief!

No, you won't get through TSA government payrollees faster. But if you have air travel savvy, this app is everything. Not just flight tracking, but real world flight status even on the ground. Includes Pax and Cargo flights. SMS flight info, check any airport flight board. Meteorology? You bet. This is the commercial flight app for the serious airline traveller. Not much here for traveller who still thinks safety briefings are relevant to them. If you are someone who packs an iPad just to not have to take a laptop out at TSA, then this App is you baby. Who loves you? Oh ya! Now you are feeling it.

No good

I'm in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, so the airport nearest to me is certainly Pulkovo (LED). This program thinks my best choice is Lappeentanta airport, which is even in different country. After manual correction, the program kept insisting on Lappeenranta when run second time.


Just what I needed. Just the facts no games or unwanted BS.

Tony Hage

just does not wanna start

Flight status

This app does not work with iPad os 4.2 upgrade, it keeps crashing and will not load. Please fix, and I will be glad to give a higher rating.


I have had no problems with Flightstatus until I started using iOS 4.2.1. Now it crashes every time I attempt to load FS. The app was really excellent before 4.2.1 and I expect the developers will resolve this problem soon. With that hope it deserves 5 stars.

doesnt work
Avigdor Susana


What happened?

App will not start since OS update.