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Manage Adobe’s Flash Media Server on your iPhone, check your applications and vHosts any time, any place. All you need is an (vhost) administrator account on your Flash Media Server and you’re set to go.
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Productivity Free Video Dock B.V. iPhone, iPad, iPod

You can add multiple vhosts, check their live statistics and reboot the vhost if needed.
It's also possible to check which applications are available on the vhost, check the current application statistics and reload the application.

Video Dock specially created this app for all you fellow Flash Video developers that need to make sure that online video is delivered 24/7.

This iPhone app is tested with Adobe Flash Media (Interactive) Server 3.5.


- Lookup the number of concurrent viewers of a live webcast
- Check the traffic throughput of your video on demand application
- Manage multiple Vhosts and servers
- View all the statistics of your vhost incl. SWF verification errors
- Restart your vhost or server
- List all running applications of a Vhost
- View all the statistics of an application
- Reload your application
- Connect over RTMP/E


Just Dropped In (To See What)

What kind or how to use this app?


No help on how to use Would rate less but there is no 0


No help what so ever no settings way to learn how to use it

Basic but it does the job

Really cool to check the FMS on the go, handy if need to reload an app or restart the vhost, thanks!


How do I use it?!?!?

What a crock of crap.
Bleh :-/

2-bit losers created this app.

Doesn't work
Rodney Sterling

Black screen, doesn't work at all

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