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Is it a Bird?
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Is it a Plane?

No.. Its Super Poo!

Turn this day into the Funniest Day ever with the Flappy Super Poo Sewer Escape Game.

Kids as well as adults of any age (4 to 80) will laugh as they play this Happy Poop Flying, Fart Blasting, Flappy Style Game.

Flappy Super Poo has been inspired by the Popular Flappy style games but we have added a New Twist along with Improved Functions, which make it a Fun, Toilet Flushing, Good Time!

NO ANNOYING ADS and No Toilet Paper Needed in this game!

Flappy Super Poo Sewer Escape has Removed The Aggravating game play and created more enjoyable Fun Packed Challenge.

Now you can also post your Scores on Twitter!

The game takes place in a dark, dank, stinky sewer and your job is to help Super Pou navigate the sewers as you build the highest score possible.

Its not as easy as you think as obstacles grow and grow as you play, creating more of a challenge.

But thats not all!

The game also increases speed as you play forcing you to react fast trying to fly super poop dodging objects as long as you can.

This New style of Endless Runner game has been designed with 2 Play Modes:

*Normal Mode which include dual controllers allowing you to better control the bat providing a much more fun game play.
*Difficult Mode which includes the classic touch control that you have learned to love or hate. lol

Challenge Friends and Family for bragging rights!

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