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Flamingo - 3d Voxel Coloring

Flamingo is a new 3d Color By number game. Our app gives users the much more fun way to paint comparing app to classic pixel color by number games like Sandbox because you need to rotate, scale and drag your model in order to find all boxes.
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Flamingo 3d Coloring Book is fun for both kids and adults because we have the wide variety of 3-d models. Choose from tons of voxel art: unicorn, star, heart, street, princess, bicycle and much much more. The best thing is that all 3d pixel art is free with daily updates. Flamingo is the best stress relief no matter you are a boy or a girl.

We also introduce a new feature for you: Augmented Reality. Place your object on your floor and walk around it to paint all blocks. AR is a new trend of 2018.

Anti-stress coloring in three-dimensional space is much more fun than you can imagine. We make sure to update our drawing app to make it better and better, so your feedback is critical to us.


Good game

This game is fun and free. But after a while your finger will hurt😍🙂😦👍🏻😕

Love this!!
Anonymous ):D

It’s so cool !!!



It’s a good game

It may seem boring, but give it a few more tries. I myself even pre ordered it and I thought it was boring until I played it so many times. Five stars from me!


I love this app! It's so cool. And I REALLY like the fact that there are no in app purchases or subscriptions! I have a little trouble getting it to the right angle sometimes to get a couple hard to reach boxes but I think that's more my issue than the app. lol I think it might just take some getting used to.


They may seem hard but are very easy! It also is very fun to color, very, very satisfying

Very good!

I like how they don’t make you pay 5 dollars just so you can color stuff ;p and I found a little glitch in the game if you finish a drawing in ar mode it acts like you are still trying to color it so the air plane one I finished is saying it’s a work in progress well this game is still 5 star :3

Lots of promise, but could use some work

I like this, I had pre-ordered and forgotten it. I think the interface could use some work. It is very clunky, and it’s difficult to fill large blocks of colour, as the model will rotate, even after clicking on an empty block