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Flags Fun - World is paid iOS app published by Lima Sky



Wonderful game. Very polished and fun.

Love this app


This is such a great memory builder app. I really enjoy playing this at least once or twice a day sometimes even more. I'm constantly trying to beat my previous score plus it's fun to learn the flags of the world.

Great game..1 small improvement


Include the ability to reset scores.

Simple, fun, and challenging

New York mac

This is actually a really fun app! My 21 year old son was even playing it and enjoying it also. The only down side is that you must mute the phone in order to silence the rings rather than having a mute button to silence the rings in the game so that would be a big improvement. In the meantime I am looking to buy more fun simple enjoyable apps from this same company!

Worth more then a buck

Power punchedrrrrrm

Lol cool app I played for 3 hrs on a plane ride and I can name every flag. (the ones that they have anyways$)

Learning is fun!


I really enjoy identifying the flags! I prefer to play FLAG GUESS instead of MEMORY MATCH. The graphics are nice. I would like to see a MUTE option (or perhaps an OPTION screen where the user can toggle ON/OFF the sound). I would also like to be able to RESTART a game while I'm halfway through an open round. I'm looking forward to see what future updates hold.



I love this game. I thought I knew my flags, but now I really do. If you are interested in learning the flags of the world I would buy this app, it's a fun way to learn.

Great deal


For 99 cents you can't beat this app. Still am looking for every single countries flag! Update please!!!


Thaddeus Maxximus

Great app! It will be one of your favorites. Two fun games to test your skills. Lots of very cool flag designs across the world. I'd love to see a few more countries' flags: Greece, Greenland, Afghanistan, Ivory Coast, Scotland, just to name a few. Also, I'd like to see a third option in this app: an alphabetical list of each country with it's flag. That'll help to peruse them at leisure. Several flags are very similar, if not identical. Thanx developers! I'm having a great time learning these flags and trying to best my "flag guess" time of 42 seconds. I've already inspired my wife to buy this app, and a co-worker is next!

Totally addicting!


Can't stop playing the flag guess game. Got all the answers in 33 seconds, but can't seem to break that time. Would give 5 stars if "Well Done!" didn't always show up regardless of the time it took.

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