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Fitwatchr combines Fitbit’s daily calorie tracking feature with scientific formulas, motivating you to lose weight, earn extra calories, and achieve your weight loss goals.
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Health & Fitness $3.99 UNIVERSALD INC. iPhone, iPad, iPod

• Connect your Fitbit account to Fitwatchr
• Exercise, then sync your Fitbit device
• Use Fitwatchr to review daily exercise:
-- NEW! Other Fitbit data points, such as steps, distance, and sleep have been added, giving you all the Fitbit data you care about!
-- NEW! See Weight Loss Activity Conversion values, which work with leading weight loss number systems
-- See Total Calories burned, Daily Calorie Baseline (based on age, weight, height, gender, and activity level), and Extra Calories Earned (total burned minus daily baseline)
-- See Activity Minutes across 3 levels of intensity
-- Activity data stored in app for offline viewing

Compatible with all wearable Fitbit trackers.

Fitwatchr is not affiliated with Fitbit. Fitwatchr calculations are approximate and based on data taken from your Fitbit device. Created by proud Fitbit users. Marketing and design by Universald, Inc. Development by Netkosoft.


Useless 🚮

Do not download, buy, or even look at the useless app for too long. It doesnt do any of the things it claims it does. It’s basically a scam 🚮

How do I get a refund?
Daisy Girl

This app doesn’t do anything differently than the Fitbit app, and I sad that I got this. Even when I try to sync, it’s not accurate. Please let me know how Much can get a refund!

Works okay when you don't have technical problems

I purchased it a few months after I got my Fitbit to help convert my points since I was using iTrackBites. However, I have had two incidents where it crashed. Probably because they are slow at updating. They did assist me in fixing it. This time around it's been five days and none of the suggestions made by the tech people have worked.

Great Assistant

Fitwatchr has helped me save so much time with my weight watcher point conversion! Once I setup my profile on Fitbit's site it sync'd right away. I can also track my calorie burn and push my activity to the next level.

Great redesign

I've been a user for a long time and like it but... it wasn't the best looking. Now it's much better! Great work devs!

Nice app

Very useful if you're following a points-based weight loss program and need to calculate activity points. The app links with your Fitbit. The data from your Fitbit is automatically converted to activity points.

Rubbish ripoff

Waste of money, does not provide and real insight to the Fitbit data.. Data not formatted correctly on my 6S Plus.. Junk....

Works as expected.

The point conversion works great. Syncs to the device app and converts activity to points, works like it should. The Activity levels are set to be more challenging to increase your work out benefits. Losing weight is not easy so this app pushes the activity requirements. It does a great job of converting my Fitbit activity to weight watcher points. I use this app every day to find my new weight watcher point totals and my Fitbit activity results. The support team was so helpful! They explained about the activity conversion and really helped me align my fitness goals.

Fit 4 Life-1
Runner Girl-80

Converts my activity to points, what a time saver! The activity values make me focus on my excercise and push harder to earn the extra points.

Jean L
dont sit

This app has really motivated me to loose weight. It is user friendly and I highly recommend it!