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FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS is free iOS app published by SQUARE ENIX Co., Ltd.

Final fantasy brave


I hate this stupid game I hate the downloading I hate the loading screen the reason why I downloaded this game is to get the crystal and get cloud from final Fantasy7remake

Great but an Installation Nightmare


I played this game actively, obsessively from November 2016 until earlier this year in 2020. This game was a serious part of my life and for a long time I felt it deserved 5 stars. But the game becomes incredibly stale for gamers, every additional level. Also it becomes way overly complicated. But most importantly, my biggest dealbreaker is how often they’d update the game and I was forced to reinstall 2gigs of game many many many many times. The thing is that you MUST have the game open and watch a loading bar for 10-15 minutes. It breaks up your day, and i have gone multiple days not installing it because I’m just too tired or too busy to sit through a loading screen. The game simply got too big and it is a chore to maintain. There are SO many things in the game to try to check in on every day. At some point it feels like work. And the reinstallations were my dealbreaker. I actually reached a breaking point from it. It really helped me curb the addiction so ironically I think the game’s awful loading times helped free me from this obsession. That’s how bad it gets. And I just have zero interest in reinstalling. Thank you for the hundreds and hundreds of hours I got to waste away with small pleasures. RIPU (rest in peace uninstalled).

Fantastic and Eye candy

Uto Nara

I’m overwhelmed by the simplicity of the game in just a day. Although, there is much much more to it. The glory of battle calls upon me and my team and I find myself in triumph. It’s hard nowadays to find that in game. That is why Final Fantasy Brave EXVIUS is special. Plus summons. Character leveling. An extraordinary feast of imagination and comprehension. Digest alone the game sparkles and radiates leaving me hopeful for the endgame content.

What is going on with the connection error?


As of right now you guys have gone from four stars down to one star! For the past week and a half I’ve been getting nothing but connection errors! Even at full bars, with both-mobile data and Wi-Fi! Last time this happened to me, I lost a year worth of data and had to start completely over.This has been my fix for the past three months from being burned out from Final Fantasy RK and Dissidia. You guys really need to fix this and I certainly hope that the amount of money and effort I put it in the past 2 to 3 months which took me well over to where I was from a couple of years ago when I took a break, I hope my dad I did not get deleted once again!

Update broke the game


Normally I don't write reviews however this time I feel it's needed. I really enjoy this game as a long time fan of the series. After updating to the current patch I keep getting the error saying I need to get to an area with better signal, however I am on wifi with perfect signal. This is only happening since updating and now I wish I didn't have to do the update.

Love this game


I absolutely love playing this game yeah updates are long but thats a small price however im just addressing an issue with this version i can't even get into my game keeps coming up connection error and i have perfect reception however i still recommend it and know they'll fix it also have to say it for anyone that reviews the game and says its slow trust me its not its probably your phone is to old and slow itself to run it

Sad but funny


Turtles of all things killed my love for this game on 9/3/2020

1st gen player


I’m fed up. I started playing about 2 month after launch. Love the nostalgia. Love I can instantly max a character since I have resources hoarded over a long period. But there is too much downsides. - Long maintenance every week. - Slow quality of life improvements on the most basic needs - Gumi’s grimey in game value of bundles. - Lack of empathy of their mistakes! - Lack of communication. (SOON tm) - Buggy features for months (bring your own unit) AND THIS IS THE MOST INFURIATING - Any bugs or mistake in players favor gets patched or hot fixed IMMEDIATELY. Literally an hour. How can you have such bad QA team before an update but have such a responsive team to fix errors in players favor so quick. Please fix the bugs first! I would love my friends list to be fixed. Hasn’t this been broken for 4 years now? There are more but I will stop. At first it was a sunken fallacy complex I have towards this game. Now I’m just so put off with the way situations are handled, especially in 2020. While it’s not good bye but it pretty much is. Will only log in for daily rewards. Won’t spend anymore. Won’t do events. What’s the point? I even have the new shiny NV units with no content to clear. If your thinking about starting just for nostalgia, just don’t. This is a player who has spent money and it’s not worth it for the self inflicted mental pain I’m sure many of us has suffered.

Shady company

Blarg chicka honk honk

Continues to punish or poorly compensate players for their own mistakes.

Never doing right by the players


The latest fiasco left some players millionaires, yet instead of removing the gil from accounts who took advantage of a bug, gumi’s response: “Keep the units, gil towers & gil and here’s 200 lapis too. To anyone who didn’t notice, well here’s 200 lapis.” Could have done the right thing and kept the gil towers in the ‘SOON’ shop and said, “Happy 4th Anniversary.” But nope, you burned the hand that feeds you. Enjoy starving! Can’t spend $$$ on this trash with decisions like that.