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FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS is free iOS app published by SQUARE ENIX Co., Ltd.

Buggy Game/Terrible Customer Service


Downloaded the game yesterday, was super excited to waste Lapis (gems for draw) at a chance to obtain Cloud and as soon as i click the banner for the beginners NV Draw, the game rewards me with a different character set from another draw.. I contact customer service and they bluntly responded “please be more mindful of where you click” when the two bottom draws were PAID DRAWS (one for 24.99$, the other for 14.99$) Bottom line… i wasted 5000 lapis, didn’t get any of the characters i wanted since the draw got bugged and was told that it was my fault. Just deleted the game and even though the mechanics are fun, i would never support a company whose values are based of assumptions and lack of empathy. Save yourself the trouble and download Fire Emblem.

Don’t Expect Help from Customer Service


Make sure you save/write down your Player ID or Inquiry ID. I’ve played this game since 2018 and spent a lot of money on my account. I took some time away from Electronics and just deleted everything. Now that I came back, I realized that my account was linked to the FB I don’t have anymore. Under their “Help Tab” they say they can find it using several ways. Since I didn’t have my player ID I gave them as much of the information as I could. I even gave them transaction dates with amount and Order ID, which is something they literally ask for under the “help” section. Yeah…forget it…once you start talking to someone EVERYTHING on that tab gets thrown out and the only thing that matters to them is the player ID or Inquiry ID. You can have EVERYTHING they ask for but your Player ID and even give them specific transactions that you’d think would be linked to and identify the profile, but nope! They don’t care about all that, it gets ignored and ends up being about player ID. What’s the point of giving requirements if they don’t matter anyway? Maybe change the response to the “help” tab section for account recovery into “you want to come back? Well if you don’t have your player ID or Inquiry ID, we can’t help you”. There is literally no point in putting your “requirements” for the retrieval if you don’t care about actually using it.

Friends request problem


I love this game and it’s a five stars easy, but there’s problem. Is possible that all people I ask for friendship (in one week) have full slot?

Rating changed for numerous reasons.


Since when is “Wishing Merry Christmas & Happy New Year” Prohibited Words? I have occasionally seen some perverse things said and allowed. Rating changed partly for cold hearted, unfair intolerance, and also for Major Repetitive Crashing and Freezing problems that continue to periodically occur in game. When WINS are turned into LOSSES by the game, I would say that is a Major Problem that consolation prizes do not cover, because they do not equal rating level, equipment and other special prizes that were lost. Although most of the time, game allows replay of battle before crash occurred, there have been numerous times after some long, difficult battles that it crashed at moment of “winning”. In such instances, the game went into a freezing loop in which it was impossible to continue game without forfeiting the win. Other times, when crash occurred at moment winnings were about to be listed — reboot by restarting phone resulted in game saying I lost battle that I actually won. On a few other times, when replay of last fight, where enemy had only 1-10 points of life left, which I previously won — replay of that last battle resulted in different timing of combos, resulting in loss. Problems of crashing and freezing were reported more than once. Sometimes, updates seem to fix it. Other times, updates appear to make it worse. My phone has more than enough memory and hard drive space. 2 bars of provider signal should not result in connection loss.

Save your money

dont wast your money hwre

Don’t get this game it’s a cash grab scam game is horrible needing always updates and downloads freezes and you are forced to spend to get anywhere unless a max lv friends you. Not fun to be forced to do that to ENJOY a game that don’t need Cash scams

Lots of fun


It’s quite time consuming and it’s fun I love ff and FFBE is a great addition to the series

Needs improvement


This gacha game needs an improvement. Customer service wasn't satisfactory and the game tends to crash for some reason. You're better off finding another game than this.

Friend system


I am new to the game, so far enjoying the process; however, how am I supposed to complete the rookie panel quests, if I can’t add any friends? I went as far as making another account just to add myself and it still says I have max request available, or something along those lines. It is mildly annoying, and hopefully somehow this can be changed. Thank you for your time if you are reading this.



Tried this out because I love the main final fantasy games. I’ve played and loved all of them. But this game… wow. Way too many forms of currency. Way too complicated. Every screen or menu has a million things to click on. This game is a bloated mess. It’s going to collapse under its own weight and I don’t want to be around when it does. It’s on its deathbed. I wish I had tried this out years ago when it first came out but I missed my chance. Save yourself the heart ache when they shut it down. There are other ways to scratch your final fantasy itch.



I love this game I’ve been saving for kingdom hearts to come back