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#Selected as Game of the Year 2016 by Apple App Store# Welcome to the tiniest farm in the world! Field Day is a charming farming game for Apple Watch and watchOS 3. (Note: You'll need an Apple Watch to play the game.)
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"Best of App Store 2016"
Plant crops, complete orders, hire workers, and expand your farm. Field Day offers a wealth of activities from adorable animals to many kind of crops. This easy and accessible game is designed for short sessions that can be played through the day.

* Create your own farm
* Unlock new crops and animals
* Fulfill orders to gain gold
* Participate in campaigns and events
* All in 3D and designed for watchOS 3

* Use Digital Crown to scroll and access Orders
* Plant crops on the land slots
* Fill Orders to gain gold to purchase new slots
* When Postman appears close to Farm he gives missions
* Access missions in iPhone Client (tap buildings)
* Completing missions will unlock new crops or level up existing ones
* If you get stuck and can't fill orders, tapping the coin in order screen icon twice will cancel orders and new ones will appear
* You cannot run out of gold and you'll always have enough to plant the lowest cost crop

Everywear Games is the first game studio to focus entirely on creating gaming experiences optimized for Apple Watch and similar devices.

PLEASE NOTE: Field Day is completely free to download and play, but some game items may be purchased for real money. To disable this, turn off the in-app purchases in your device's settings.

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Update me please

Too hard to progress
Me personss

I love this game and think it’s really fun and simple. But it’s way too hard to progress in this game! I wish there were levels or XP to track progress and unlock more stuff. Instead I don’t know when I’ll be able to get chickens or whatever is next so it’s making it hard to have motivation to keep playing. I also think the cost of land is ridiculous. It jumps from 2100 coins to 9000! Not to mention you only gain coins slowly since you are making money to spend it on more crops.

Thank you for adding a tutorial

I’m updating my review because the game has since added an info desk/tutorial to explain some of the obscure features, so now I finally understand special seeds and more. Thank you for listening! I enjoy this game from time to time still. It can also be played on the Apple Watch. It is meant to be played at a snail’s pace and any permanent progress you make is made very, very slowly. It’s truly an idle game. Just something fun to chip away at from time to time. I’m curious to see just how far I can go with it.

Better directions for 5 stars.

I gave this 4 stars because no on can tell me what the little worker does, what is his purpose? I spend the clovers but don't see any great change in gaming. This is a fun game but a bit more instruction. Would be greatly appreciated. Just because a game is simple doesn't mean that that everyone will understand.

Fun game to while away a bit of time

I started playing this game when farming was on the Watch only and while my eyes like that you can play it on the iPhone as well (not just visit the town), I really wish there was more to it. It looks like there may be a future update because you can now scroll past the house and see the barn, greenhouse, and silo with a clear open space for new content but that happened a while ago and nothing since then. Maybe this is what the three “mystery crops” are in panel 2 of the crop list? I also wish there was a way to see how much of a particular crop you can plant. I’ll go to the orders section and count how much of any particular crop I need then scroll to the farm and start planting but I have to first see how much I have planted then fill a space with the crop I want to plant, then click to see how much was planted, then divide that by what I need for the orders minus what I have already planted. If I knew I could plant 70 wheat at a time, I could more easily plan out what I need to plant and not use up potentially valuable field space for a crop I can’t possibly grow enough of at the time. Add this feature, make minor additions to the game a little more frequently and I’ll definitely update this to a 5 start review.

Cool but could be better

I like this app since it’s a mini game I can play on my watch but I am really disappointed that the crop spots cost SOOO much and I feel like I am wasting all my money planting stuff to do orders that I’m not getting enough money to get new plots and i am not far into the game and it’s 9000 just to get a plot but I’m making 80$ off one order and then spending over 80$ just to plant the next order, kind of disappointed in that aspect of it, and that I can not do jobs back to back I have to wait. Also the times it takes a crop to be ready are crazy long if I am playing a game on my watch it’s cause I have a sec to sit and play not cause I want to sit there all day waiting for my crop to be ready. I love the lucky leaves to get better time but some still take too long. Hope to see some cool updates and I will give a better rating once those updates fix some of these issues.

Needs fixing after iOS 6

Needs fixing

Needs a tutorial

Believe it or not! I agree with the person who says just because the game is simple, not everyone will understand. This game is played at a snail’s pace and any permanent progress you could make is made very, very slowly. That’s why I’m starting to get upset that twice I’ve earned a special seed from the mayor’s missions and I have no clue what I’m supposed to do with it. The little yellow veggie/fruit that looks a bit like a bell pepper was the first time I ever saw the watering mechanic appear on this game, and the game did not tell me what to do with it. I thought I understood that I must keep the water level between the goal lines by the time the crop has completed growing, yet it is possible for the timer to run out and the crop to still only be 74% watered/completed, or something to that effect. Then I sell the crop and it’s gone forever. No option to replant. Is this by design? Is it intentional? Is it because I failed to grow the crop to 100%? I have no idea, but wish I did. I’ve looked everywhere online but haven’t been able to find the explanation for how this works. I have also searched all over the game but have not found a settings menu with a tutorial. Please tell me if I’m missing something. This is only so confusing and frustrating as I said because progress is made so slowly in this game, and those plants come along so rarely. It’s a little upsetting to have had it twice and failed to grow it twice because of unclear instruction.


This is a good game.

No updates — same thing over and over

The developers stopped updating the game. Last update happened 9 months ago. You don’t even get the pumpkin and cactus that they show on pictures here. Very boring and old.

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