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#Selected as Game of the Year 2016 by Apple App Store# Welcome to the tiniest farm in the world! Field Day is a charming farming game for Apple Watch and watchOS 3. (Note: You'll need an Apple Watch to play the game.)
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"Best of App Store 2016"
Plant crops, complete orders, hire workers, and expand your farm. Field Day offers a wealth of activities from adorable animals to many kind of crops. This easy and accessible game is designed for short sessions that can be played through the day.

* Create your own farm
* Unlock new crops and animals
* Fulfill orders to gain gold
* Participate in campaigns and events
* All in 3D and designed for watchOS 3

* Use Digital Crown to scroll and access Orders
* Plant crops on the land slots
* Fill Orders to gain gold to purchase new slots
* When Postman appears close to Farm he gives missions
* Access missions in iPhone Client (tap buildings)
* Completing missions will unlock new crops or level up existing ones
* If you get stuck and can't fill orders, tapping the coin in order screen icon twice will cancel orders and new ones will appear
* You cannot run out of gold and you'll always have enough to plant the lowest cost crop

Everywear Games is the first game studio to focus entirely on creating gaming experiences optimized for Apple Watch and similar devices.

PLEASE NOTE: Field Day is completely free to download and play, but some game items may be purchased for real money. To disable this, turn off the in-app purchases in your device's settings.

Thank you!


Fun game on the phone, not so much on the watch

The game is super fun and addictive when you’re playing it on the phone! It’s cute and I like the style. However when you deliver items and plant veggies on the Apple Watch, the touch doesn’t register. I work around it by force touching and clicking “crown rotation” but if you’re doing multiple things it gets frustrating. I still like the game though. But if this issue gets fixed I’ll change my review!

Takes to long to level up
marty 445

It would be a good game but it takes to long to get new items and buy new fields. I would like it if I could do more. It’s just boring

The game is too slow on series 1

I enjoyed this game when it first released because it was responsive, but I can’t play the game because when I tap a crop to plant, I have to wait a full 20 seconds for it to be planted.

Great game, great customer service

Game plays really well. Had issues, wrote a review, dev responded, fix was implemented in the next update. Great turn around! Thanks!

Exceptionally slow game play

The crops on the farm grow exceedingly slowly. I have continued to play hoping it would get better, but the reverse is true. Milk takes 16 real minutes to “grow.” Clovers speed this up, but only cut the time in half. I certainly don’t want to spend 8 minutes watching a count down timer on my watch when I want to pass a time waiting for something. The only way this is at all playable is if you start growing, go do something and come back to check on progress at regular intervals. This is just not the experience I had hoped for.

Would love to give 5 stars

Edited to change my response to 4 stars because it’s not the developers fault that it doesn’t work on my first gen Apple Watch. Thanks for your response! But I downloaded this game to play on my Apple Watch and it just doesn’t work. I can scroll with the wheel but tapping and trying to do anything in game is non responsive. I like to play the game, I play it on my iPhone and it’s cute and simple but like I stated i wanted to play primarily on my watch. Very sad.


I have always loved farming games but they would get too complicated. I hate when apps get too involved and I cannot play it throughout the day. This app stays simple so that I am able to play it throughout my busy day. I would love a couple new features... nothing crazy but some new things would be refreshing.

Grows into a slow game

I liked it on my watch, until OS updates made it not work. Then I liked it on my phone. But each crop upgrade leads to longer growing times and each quest costs more to get just one more upgrade. There doesn’t seem to be a long-range goal, so the interest has faded. Also latest update (18Apr2018) apparently forgot I have crops planted and just asks for carrots.


Te last update kind of ruin the graphics of the game, the design was extremely cute and attracted a lot but the last update completely ruin it. (Selling graphics)