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Fibonacci Stock Chart - trading signal in stocks

Fibonacci is very powerful. Traders never forget to check Fibonacci retracement chart before any swing trade. This app is a handy tool to quickly draw the Fibonacci lines on the chart based on the time range and direction (uptrend or downtrend) you choose. The lines are drawn automatically. You can certainly set your own range as well. All come with Real Time Advanced quotes (pre and after market quotes included), powerful Multi Chart View & Sector View, customized watch-list, stock notes, etc.
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Fibonacci retracement on Stock Chart has never become this easy! Just enter the ticker symbol (or a partial symbol) you desire and bingo! you are there! A neat stock chart with Fibonacci lines and various Chart Types and Date Ranges is specially presented. Choose different type, date range, Fibonacci trend & range, you will have a better read / analysis on your stock. Tap the chart to view an enlarged full screen chart.

What's more, this app offers a very nice watch-list feature. You can create and manage unlimited watch-lists. The powerful watch-lists allow to group contents into Charted Sector View and exhibit a LIST of fully customized Charts (Multi-Chart View)! Adjust the technical indicator, chart type, and date range for the Multi Chart View and the app will automatically remember your settings. Create, modify, rename, sort, and delete watch-lists within seconds. With one glance, not only can you get the whole picture like change, change %, bid, ask, bid size, ask size, OHLC, volume, company, etc, but also quickly access the fibonacci lines / charts from there. Watch-list is so convenient that your market watching and researching become well organized and efficient.

■ Fibonaaci
▫ Uptrend
▫ Downtrend
▫ Auto Range
▫ Customized Range
■ Real-Time Advanced Quotes
■ Pre and After Market Quotes
■ Various Chart Types.
■ Various Date Range, pre-set and customized.

■ Unlimited watchlist groups with colorful tags
■ Real Time Advanced quotes (change, change %, bid, ask, bid size, ask size, open, high, low, close, volume, company).
■ Pre and After market quotes
■ Auto Refresh Quotes
■ Stock Multi Chart View 40+ Technical Indicator, Chart Type, & Date Range
■ Add multiple stock symbols at one time.
■ Group watchlist symbols into Sectors and Pie Chart.
■ Multi Chart View (up to 50 charts) of stocks.
■ Stock Notes
■ Passcode / Touch ID protected app access

■ Accumulation/Distribution
■ Aroon Up/Down
■ Average True Range
■ Bollinger Band Width
■ Chaikin Money Flow / Oscillator / Volatility
■ Donchian Channel Width
■ Ease of Movement
■ Fast Stochastic
■ Money Flow Index
■ On Balance Volume
■ Performance
■ % Price / Volume Oscillator
■ Price Volume Trend
■ RSI / StochRSI
■ Volume
■ and MANY MORE...

■ Candle Stick
■ Based on close price
■ OHLC (open, high, low, close)
■ Based on typical price
■ Based on weighted close price
■ Based on median price

■ Past 5,4,3,2 day & current day.
■ Daily chart supports 1-month, 2-month, 6-month, YTD, 1-5 years & MAX available date range.
■ Daily chart also supports customized date range: choose any date range from the calendar.

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Just learning but good.

Auto Pilot

I like this autopilot indicator. I can quickly pull up a chart and know if it’s something I want to consider for a trade or not.?

Great App for Fibonacci followers

I love this app! Makes it so quick and easy to check your Fibonacci levels without having to do any calculations. The charts are easy to use and straightforward. A nice extra addition would be to be able to touch points on the chart and see the percentage change between two points. Great app and great support too. Thank you!

Fibonacci and Clarity
Forty Rock

Best tool out there for a quick and clear viewing of Fibonacci levels! Indispensable for me??

Not all stock symbols available

I like the app, in that you can see both the up and down Fibonacci retracements for different time periods. But a big drawback is that it doesn't recognize all stock symbols. Example - search Bloom Energy (BE). Changing my rating down, again solely on the fact that way too many stock symbols are not available. Developers - are so getting the message. Fix this problem ASAP!

Worthless. Takes forever and no charts
Reeder 9

I’m on an iPad Pro and this thing is pretty much useless. Chart load forever but never load. It just keeps spinning. Tried to reboot a few times... did not work.

Saves so much time!

I love this app! I used to calculate these in a massive spreadsheet. Now I can quickly get my numbers on any position or index. You guys (or gals) ?rock!!

Great app

Great app

Masterful tool

I have successfully utilized this tool to hold great positions


The app is clunky and not responsive with poor support. Support is not understanding too so try at your risk.

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