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Felp - Find Skills,Talents in your social network linked connections

Get things done with Felp! List your skills and let yourself be discovered by people in your social network. Felp is a unique app that allows people to find skills and talents among their friends and acquaintance in Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Download and install Felp for free and immediately start building connections based on each person’s unique skills. Use your connections to find talents or advertise your skills.
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Felp is a new concept in people search. Felp takes the connections that are already made through established social networks and turn them into a valuable talent pool. Felp is also a great way to advertise your skills and talents beyond your professional circles. We believe that for freelancers, this is the best way to turn your social connections to be your potential clients without advertising or self promotion.
How to use Felp?
• First you need to download and install Felp on your phone. Felp is FREE to use.
• List your own talents and describe your own skills.
• Find skills you need. You can find them by looking at the talents they list above their names, their level of expertise, and read the description for further information.
• In their profile, you can see their email and phone number that they have listed.
• Contact them for further communication and establish connections with each other.
• You can make your profile private if you don't want to accept jobs from anyone. It is a great feature to use if you are extremely busy, sick, or in vacation.
Have you ever experienced the times when you need jobs to be done but not sure who can do it? Maybe you are looking for someone who can build your website, or take professional pictures. People search are not easy. It is not just the skills and talents that we need when we want a job done. We also have to be sure that person can be trusted and can perform the job well. There are many types of work where we have to work closely with someone for a long period of time. In these cases, we need people with whom we have connections even more!
Most people find it easier to trust people they are already linked with, such as their friends, relatives, or even acquaintances. This is why we create Felp with our unique value proposition: find skills and talents among people you already know and have connections with.
The reverse is also true, especially if we are a freelancer. The greatest customers and clients usually come from our friends, family, acquaintances, or anyone we already linked with. The difficulty is we don’t want to impose on them. We want them to use our skills but we don’t want to blatantly promote ourselves or make ourselves look pushy.
By using Felp, you can now publicize your talents to your social network. People who need to have jobs done will see your skills and if they need you, they can hire you. Either way, using Felp is the simplest way to improve your career and work situation, not to mention an opportunity to earn extra income. It is a win win situation for everyone.
People with similar skills and talents usually huddle up together. We usually hang out with people who are similar to us, people who have similar talents and jobs. There are times when we need something else done and we have to spread our people search effort wider.
Don’t forget to spread the word about Felp. Invite as many people from your social network as you can. You will know the skills of more people in your social network. You also give them opportunity to find clients through the people they are linked with. It is a win – win solution for everyone.
The more people use Felp, the more effective it will be. If everyone in the world use Felp, the network effect will make this app to be the most effective talent pool.


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