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Everyday, millions of professionals and enthusiasts use feedly on their iPhones and iPads to read the blogs, magazines and publications that matter to them.

With feedly, you can easily organize all your publications, blogs, YouTube channels in one place and consume and share more efficiently. No more zig zagging. All the content comes to you in one place, in a clean and easy to read format.

Some people use feedly to read blogs, some people use it to learn new topics, some people use to track keywords, brands and companies.

Faster access to lots of different sources of news and information means that you can more easily keep ahead with what is important in your industry and the topics you really care about.

Because feedly is connect to millions of feeds, you can really go deep and find the niche content that is specific to your work or passion - this is a big difference when you compare feedly with other news apps which are usually very shallow and feel very random.

From tech to business to design to marketing to media, feedly helps you discover great feeds you can add to your feedly and easily read in one place.

Because it is powered by RSS, feedly is an open system: you can add any RSS feed to your feedly and easily read the content of that feed on the go. Just enter the URL of that feed in the search bar.

Feedly offers useful integration with Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, Buffer, OneNote, Pinterest, LinkedIn, IFTTT and Zapier so that you can easily share the stories you read in your feedly with your networks and teammates.

We believe in speed and simplicity. We spent a lot of time making sure that feedly is the best free reader available on the iPhone and the iPad. The app loads fast and offers a simple and clean reading experience.

The best way to start is to search of a blog, magazine or newspaper you read regularly and add it to your feedly.

If you are looking for inspiration, you can open the search panel and browse some of our popular topics and discover the best blogs for tech, business, food, marketing, entrepreneurship, design, backing, photography and more.

Your mission is to deliver in one place all the knowledge and inspiration you need to keep ahead.

Happy reading!

[We are [email protected] and @feedly if you need support or want to report a bug]


Bring back Feedly Classic

Please bring back the classic layout. New layout was terrible and it's still terrible now. Don't understand why they are so adamantly clinging on to it.

No good
bill stidham

No way to include local news based on location, search feeds are pro only, and news feed is arranged in a inefficient categorized way.

Missing couple features and over priced

Overall Feedly is one of the best rss readers available no doubt however they do a couple things that make me really want to switch to another one. For all the great features that are available, one major one missing is that you can’t get notifications on your phone for any article. Being able to get notified when a certain keyword comes up on the feeds that you follow can be pretty use and important yet doesn’t exist. Another major issue I have with Feedly is that their AI is one of the biggest things that set them apart from the competition yet after charging you $144 a year for their pro+, you don’t even get the full thing as access to industry and competitive intelligence features of the AI are only for “Enterprise” groups rather than individuals which is such a major disappointment to any individual that needs a feature like that like individual investors. There was one another major feature missing but I forgot so I might edit this later when I remember.

Frequently hangs

Reducing to 1 star. This app is so poor at handling a spotty network that I think they expect your phone to be hard wired to gigabit fiber. It requires an active always-on internet connection, for what should logically be a offline capable app. Goodbye to reading your news on a plane. Don’t be jerks, just batch up your data harvesting user tracking stuff and send it when I’m back online. It always forgets what articles you’ve read when it encounters connection issues (which it is guaranteed. If you click ‘reload’ on the GIANT red banner it will forget your place and take you home. And the banner does helpfully remind you of the devs incompetence. It will pop up there while you are streaming Netflix, so you know just how terrible their “online” checks are.

Pro version too expensive for the one feature that matters to me.

$8/month to get rid of sponsored ads is a ridiculous amount of money. I couldn’t care less about the other pro features.

Keeps crashing
tryna read

Won’t stop crashing from all of the ads. At this point I’m better off Googling articles I want to read.

Wont load feeds

It can’t seem to find the feeds from the websites I want to get notifications from, are they shadow banning certain RSS feeds? I think so!


App hasn’t updated since Apple required thorough privacy disclosures. Coincidence? Meanwhile, NetNewsWire is free, no ads, no paywall limiting number of feeds, integrates with Twitter/Reddit, and can sync across devices via iCloud instead of letting Feedly monetize your reading info, while also charging for basic features + loading your feed list with adverts. Buh bye.

Glitchy and doesn’t search

Glitchy. Can’t even find anything in the search.

You can't read anything bc Feedly always autorefreshes.
y d g kuhxh linl iu

There is no need getting this app because Feedly is always auto-refreshing! There is no way to keep your spot. You might as well give up and move on to something else. Worst app EVER.

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