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Games Free Momchil Yordanov iPhone, iPad, iPod

In a world full of desire for sleep and relaxation,
one of the most important things is the pillow.
But why is the pillow so soft and fluffy?
Because it is full of feathers!

They called him "the Lightning fingers". He was the fastest feather plucker.
And he was the biggest pillow hero. But... suddenly he disappeared...
The world stopped in a sleepless timelessness. They all are waiting for you!
They already know that you are the ONE!
What are you waiting for? Pluck all feathers as fast as you can and ...

Become The Next Lord of the feathers!


Smelly blah

I think mostly this game /app is pretty cool but also cruel to the poor chicken hahaha I know it's not real but still

Good game

I luv this game, the music is so cool!!!! I just feel bad 4 the Turkey thing, it must hurt losing all his feathers. ???????????



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