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FAVES Pro helps apparel retailers plan the season, make better buying decisions, and stay on budget.
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Designed for professional retail buyers, planners and merchandisers, FAVES Pro captures photos and essential details of the products you order or are considering for your store. Manage your buying season on the go, as you visit showrooms, markets and trade shows.

FAVES Pro saves time and money by helping you avoid buying too many similar items, forgetting to buy key items, or going over budget.

Multiple user support makes it easy for buying teams to stay in sync. Your style images and buying decisions are immediately visible to colleagues — whether back home or across the trade show floor.

FAVES Pro is simple, fast, and easy to use. With FAVES Pro you can:

• Capture and organize your product images and orders

• Search for products by brand, category, color, delivery and notes

• Print your product collections or export them to Excel

• Export products directly into Shopify

• Budget by brand, vendor, or product category, and track total spending against your season budget

• Manage open-to-buy (OTB) budgets

• Keep sales staff updated — your colleagues can see and comment on purchases, quantities, delivery dates, etc.

• Give your marketing department access so they can plan more successful marketing campaigns

• Provide insights to your design team. Let them see what is coming and when, so they can design and produce products to fill the gaps

With FAVES Pro as your assistant, you can curate your collection with confidence, knowing that you have a complete overview of your orders and deliveries.

Questions? You can chat with us directly in the app. Just tap the help button. We want to hear from you!


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