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FastHabit Intermittent Fasting is free iOS app published by whitespectre corp

Good app but can’t extend fasts


I like And use the app but it does have one major flaw: once you start a fast, you cannot extend the end time. For example, let’s say I started fast that I anticipate being 18 hours. Come bedtime I’m not really hungry and I decide to extend the fast to 24 or longer. There is no ability to extend existing fast. You’ll even get a message when it’s time to start your next fast even though you are still fasting from the last one. Fix that, and it’s a five star review.

Exactly what I was looking for.


Easy to use.

Doesn’t work on Apple Watch


I got this for my Apple Watch, but the app doesn’t even open.

Love this app


This app has made it easier for me. I love that it helps me on my time where I don’t have to second guess myself with the time. I also enjoy seeing my progress that I’m making towards my goal in my fasting.

Very handy


Simple and easy to use

Great great great!!!!


I’ve been using this app for 125 days straight! I’m on a 125 day streak of at least 16 hours per day. Honestly, I don’t even need the app to remember when to eat and when to stop, I keep using it because it’s neat to track my streak. I feel more healthy and better than ever. Thank you for this life changing app!

It’s a good tool


This helps to keep track of fasting hours and the interface is simple. I’d like to see a 24hour clock feature and a graphic display that covers each day as I go longer than 24 hours. The current display will read how many hours I’ve fasted on the day I started. Example: 44 hours fasted on Monday but Tuesday and Wednesday are blank.



Easy to use and I like tracking with this App!

used to love this app but not anymore


With this new update, I can't view my data like before without getting scammed into paying for it! Won't be using anymore.

Awesome App


I'm a long time user of the Fast Habit app. New updates are slick and a nice change. Unfortunately some of the features that were free are now only available in the pro upgrade, but the app is solid and well worth the $1.99 upgrade fee. Honestly for the amount of weight I've lost sticking to a fasting plan, backed up by an app that makes me think before I snack, the fee is absolutely worth it. Completely recommend the app - try the free version, upgrade to pro if you are an I.F. maniac.