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Fart is free iOS app published by Marco Siino

No sound


I would give the app five stars but I can not hear anything I tried deleting it and re downloading but it doesn't work please help



What he said below me

Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I love this app so much that my gets mad she thinks I really farted

This is a good app to prank people with. I love it

Austin Ayen

It makes me laugh. I prank people all the time with it. I want you to make a new feature where you can shout to activate.

Stupid app


This app won't let me do anything I don't like

Loads of Fun


Endless fun with this app. It has so many different sounds, and the prank opportunities are endless. The leg lift feature is genius. Well played!

Farting Rules!

Beavis and Buttheaf

This fart app is cool! Yeah yeah, hee hee um hum hee. Farting is cool!

Funny long lasting fart noises


This is very funny! The leg lift mode can go on and on... I set my phone down and left the room for a drink and it kept going annoying my husband and daughter the whole time I was out of the room. A fart list of on demand farts would make this even better!



Great in close quarters.

Good farts!



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