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"Fart Sound Board" offers you lots of sounds on different boards.
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Entertainment Free Kaufcom GmbH iPhone, iPad, iPod

The boards can be changed by a slide of your finger over the screen. Each button reacts realistically and the high quality sounds are all professionally recorded and tuned.
FREE mega "Fart Sound Board":
With this fart board you can play farts easily by pressing different buttons.

The automatic "Fart Machine Extreme":
A fart will play when a voice or a noise is too loud. You can set up the sensitivity with one simple slide.
Extremely funny when the iPhone/iPod is hidden somewhere :-)

The fart piano:
Play the fart piano with tons of great farts.
Choose one of the 3 different fart instruments and play it as a "real" fart piano.

The fart cushion:
This is a must have for every fart fan :-)

The fart grenade:
Let the fart grenade explode in the time you define! You can hide the device and let it explode :-)

Pull my finger 3D:
Pull the 3D finger in the app and hear the different farts :-)

Fart Wind (Hurricane):
Blow real flames away with the highly optimized fart sound. This rocks!!!

Stinky A** Detector:
Find out if your friends are stinky. Great FUN at parties! ;)

Talking Fart Elephant:
Get the hilarious app with the stinky elephant talking talking with his a**. Tell him something and he will repeat it for you by farting it.

Fart-Mega-Man Shaker:
Are you the strongest fart shaker? Are you a fart looser? Check it with this amazing fart shaker. :)


- Different boards!!!
- Great Fart Sound FX
- Cooool graphics
- Switch to other boards by sliding the screen
- Many different sounds
- etc.


Don't waste your money

It dosent even work

Don't waste your money!!

Just paid 99 cents for an application that doesn't even work. Crashes immediately upon opening. Garbage.

Perfect Untill ios5

This worked great untill I updated to ios5, now it won't even open. PLEASE FIX THIS!!!

Crap app
E. Lee

Doesnt work on new iOs. I'm pissed that I paid for this crap app. FIX IT!!!!!

Don't waste your $$….Doesn't work.
F-this App

This app crashes before it even opens and doesn't work. Don't waste your time or money downloading this app.

Itchy Yam Bag

Don't waste your dollar on this piece of crap! Won't work on ios 5.

Needs to be fixed

Won't work on new update...

Don't buy this!!

Doesnt work. I want my 99 cents back!!


Crashes right after it is opened.

Dontae Garcia

It closes immediatly after it is opened. Need to fix this