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Farmdale - magic family farm

No more regular farming! Get ready for the most exciting game ever! Here you will not simply plant plants and raise animals, you will be a part of a real magic adventure with other characters, an exciting plot, dangerous journeys, competitive markets and a world that keeps on growing!
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Games Free Game Garden Limited iPhone, iPad, iPod

Here you will find:

A magic world with characters who are always ready to share their adventures with you
Cute animals that need your care and love
Thousands of quests
Dozens of plants and trees
Many different objects to help you organize your Farm: kitchen, workshop, weaving machine and many others
Hundreds of recipes
A possibility to build and improve your buildings
One-of-a-kind donkey that will take your goods to the market
A special exciting event -- fishing!
Costumes for your favorite pets

Please note that though Farmdale is a free-to-play game some objects can only be purchased as in-app purchases.

More interesting and useful secrets of the game are available on our official Facebook page at:

News and exciting contests are also available on our Twitter page:

There are subscriptions in the game. The duration of a subscription is 30 days. The cost of one subscription is $4.99. Payment will be charged to iTunes account when you confirm your purchase. Subscriptions renew automatically if you do not turn off the auto-renewal function at least 24 hours prior to the end of the subscription. Payment will be withdrawn from your iTunes account 24 hours before the current subscription ends. You can manage your subscriptions as follows: turn off auto-renewal under user settings after you've completed your purchase. You cannot cancel the current subscription while it is still active. Any unused portion of a free trial period, will be forfeited when you purchase a subscription.



This is my favorite game


I have a quest where I have to bury treasures where the red X’s are but I did that before the wheat popped up and now and I can’t do the quest. Can you please help?

Where is the how-to guide??

This game could be a lot better if they offered instructions. I have so many questions and I can’t find the answers anywhere. For instance, how do you get the seals to expand your property? What are the special items for, like the shells and chests? Why do you keep telling me to collect crabs when no matter how much I fish or what bait I use, there are no crabs!! Why do you send me quests that can only be completed in level 40 if I’m only on level 28? It’s really quite frustrating. I think it’s time to delete.

Kicking me out

It has continuously kicked me out. I don’t want to delete the app because I really enjoy playing it. Please fix it

Dog girl 1423

Shows me a black screen then kicks me off 😡😡😡😡😡😡


Can’t play game after last update Keeps shutting down 15 minuets with the laying of the STUPID gold buttons...... MAKE IT STOP

Update deleted my saved game. Change everything!!!

You keep changing the game. Im losing my saved games and I don’t like the game anymore!!! You keep changing the story!!!

Crash and burn!
Warrior chic

Game looks fun but I can't play because every time I open the game it shows me a black screen then closes and does that each time I try to open it. Want to play but can't.


Love it

Always delays

Takes forever to play and crazy slow to do anything