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Fantastical - Calendar & Tasks is free iOS app published by Flexibits Inc.

Great app


Love the app - does exactly what I need.

Awesome app but I feel there’s a tiny bit of room for improvement

C. Aiello

Some things I’d love to see: • Event suggestions based on previous events as the user types (like the default calendar app) • Start recommending locations as soon as the user starts typing instead of having to press the ‘pin location’ symbol on the right first (like the default calendar app) • I think the flat icon (without the bottom right corner flap up) should be the default icon. It looks more in line with the native icons • When weather is tapped from the widget, the weather info opens in the app. Right now it opens the in-app browser to accuweather’s website • An option to have reminders (“tasks”) shows circles instead of squircles • An option to add and edit events right from the watch app

Subscriptions don’t work for every app


The subscription model can work for some apps, but a calendar isn’t one of them. There are a bunch of calendar apps that are free or a one time payment. Fantastical has some great features, but a yearly price that is $40-60 is outrageous. How can the company continue to improve the app year-over-year to justify paying that much. Just setting yourself up for failure. Sorry guys, I’m out. The new look is nice, but not worth that much money. Good luck!

User unfriendly


What a shame about this app. Not usual for an app to get worse but fantastical has found a way. Hey fantastical, check out your reviews that look normal to you alm the low ratings.I switched over to PocketLife calendar after you fantastical people did not want to deal with anything and fix your mistakes. Since I’ve been at PocketLife now for quite a while I never look back. It’s just way too easy, too powerful, and just built with so many features that found out fantastical is like having your first planner in middle school. Missing the mark.

Cash grab from Flexibits.


Horrible cash grab from the company. Took features away that were previously paid for. They should release v3 as a new app, but they didn’t intentionally, so they could reap the benefits of the previously mostly positive reviews. This sure backfired! Don’t upgrade to v3 unless you want to be constantly upsold on features.

For apple watch


It is honestly heart breaking that an app that was so good is here in my app graveyard because it cant get apple watch to work reliably with app.

Empowers Better Calendar Use


Fantastical has allowed me to totally shift the model in which I can use my digital calendars with its calendar set feature alone. If Calendar Sets were the only feature in the app, I still think I’d be paying the subscription fee, but it goes a lot further than that. The parser is incredible for getting in events, especially those that repeat or events you want on a secondary calendar. The “DayTicker” is a fantastic presentation that combines seamlessly with the other different views.

Lives up to its name!


Excellent program to keep track of and manage several busy schedules. And you can select and manage all the many options easily. Moreover, if you mess I did...their outstanding customer care team will get back to you promptly and sort things out. Worth every penny of the modest subscription cost. The program is not only a very useful tool but fun to use.



Ósea, yo compre esta app hace tiempo y la desinstale. Al tiempo cuando la vuelvo a descargar no le puedo sacar provecho a la app porque ahora es por suscripción?



This is a very well designed app that even with it having good functionality and good design I can’t help to think $40/year is way too expensive for what it is. Also Syncing the apps from Mac and iOS took me too long and I’m an engineer. It doesn’t refresh as fast as I’d like it to, but to be fair I have not used it for that long since this latest update, so I’ll keep checking the settings in case I missed something to make it refresh and sync faster / easier.