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Fantastical - Calendar & Tasks is free iOS app published by Flexibits Inc.

My favorite calendar app!


Fantastical 2 is the best calendar app that I've used on iOS. The design is simple and intuitive. The natural language text entry is the best and makes it easy to enter events and reminders. If you're looking for an exceptional calendar app give Fantastical 2 a try!

Please fix for Apple Watch 3.0


Items do not show up in complications despite uninstalling and reinstalling app several times. Sad because this is THE ONE app I rely on my Apple Watch for multiple times a day.

Leave me wanting


Like the UI. Don't like how the colors for the events are muted and don't match the colors that are selected in Google web app. Deal maker against is the alerts: can't customize the time, can only choose from presets, and alerts are for the device only; can't set alerts by email.

Love this app!


So I have always been a paper and pen type of girl and used a planner. I liked the idea of using an app as my calendar so I could set alerts on my events and not have to look at my planner daily and carry it around everywhere I go. I have to say I love this app and I love that I can use it on my Apple Watch. At first I had issues with the reminders feature on this app. I contacted the developers of this app and they got back to me pretty quickly. They guided me through fixing the issue which all I had to do was use iCloud for reminders instead of yahoo. This is a great app which has made my life a lot easier. Do not hesitate to purchase !!!

Worth every penny!


I downloaded this app after my old calendar was bought by Microsoft and then shut down, and so far I love it. On each day you have an event, it shows up in the month view as different colored dots, depending on whether it's work, home, etc. Also, the widget that you can turn on lets you see the month view without even opening the app, which is very convenient. I couldn't figure out at first how to use my google account, but it turns out I just had to log into the account through settings and then it'll be imported into Fantastical (don't worry, you can turn off email if you want). Finally, I love the customization options! There are so many changeable things in the settings, which is helpful for someone who likes things in a very particular way. Overall, great app!

Misleading pricing


I was looking for a replacement for Sunrise, a calendar I used on both my iPhone and iPad. I downloaded this app for my phone based on Lifehacker's recommendation, the sample video, and the positive reviews. I went to install it on my iPad and there was a separate charge! I thought I would just be able to download it like with nearly every other app, or at least get a warning that there would be an extra charge before spending money. So instead, I went with Tiny Calendar, which has a similar look to Sunrise and does what I want for no cost. I recommend Tiny Calendar. Don't spend money on questionable pricing practices.