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Fantastical - Calendar & Tasks is free iOS app published by Flexibits Inc.

Price gouging loyal users, charging for native app features


Long time user here. Purchased the app many years ago, now they want you to pay $40 per year to receive all the features of a calendar. I don’t need a $40 per year calendar. Way to thank your loyal customers. I’d have been happy to pay nominal fees for upgrades here and there over the years but these prices are ridiculous. Further, there are features such as adding a person to the invited persons on an event that require premium, yet this is a feature of the native iOS calendar app? How ridiculous. On to a new vendor.

When is a windows computer version happening?


I like this app. It’s the only one I’ve found that allows me to have multiple calendars and apps visible from the day view. That being said, I don’t have a IOS computer. I end up having to use google calendar on my computer which is where most of my events are created. This makes me question why I’m paying $40/yr for an app that I only see on my phone. Why isn’t there a website I can login to when I want to see the calendar? When is that being released? I’m hoping that this happens soon cause google calendar on my phone may not look as good or as smooth, but at least it’s free.

Cannot figure out accepting invitations

Zia Hassan1

In the old version of Fantastical, you could see a little red number icon that would show you the invitations you need to accept from other people. It’s still there on the Mac app but has disappeared from the iOS. I sent a note to customer support and they kept sending back instructions for how to turn on notification for the app on my phone. I don’t know how to better communicate this: it’s not the notification. It’s the part of the app itself where I can accept or reject invitations. So frustrating as I love everything else about it.

Still pestered to get “premium” features


The constant visualization of locked premium features just feels like a slap to the face as a former customer. I purchased F1 and F2 (on ALL platforms, Mac, iOS, and even separately on iPadOS because it wasn't universal) and I really don't need anything from F3 that wasn't already in F2. Why do I have to be shown all the "premium" features in the UI that I'm missing out on? I wish there was a setting to hide these completely. It's even worse if you accidentally tap on one of those premium features and get pestered by the popups when you never intended to even do that. If/when I am ready to subscribe I would just do that through a dedicated place. It shouldn't intrude on my calendar and productivity workspace. This goes against what the product is actually trying to do. I personally don't see the value in premium so I hate that it's constantly advertised. I hate it so much I went back to using the default Calendar app instead and the entire experience is just sour. Every update I check back if it's been changed it's not. It just feels like someone put ads in my paid version of Fantastical 2 and it's really unpleasant. Flexibits team, I know you work hard and put a lot of thought into Fantastical, but there is too much compromise in the user experience. This app feels like Flexibits shifted its values as a company from one that cared deeply about productivity to one that cares more about upselling their formerly loyal customer base. Maybe this falls on deaf ears...

Used to like


Don't know it did not transfer to my new phone. Now i have to carry old and new for appointments.



I bought this app before there’s a premium and now being locked out of features and having to pay is a scam I feel. The app itself is great, but the fact that it used to be pay once and is now a subscription annoys me.

Deleting...subscription not worth it.


I don’t particularly care about the premium features, but it is irritating and cluttered to constantly see blocked features. I have other calendar apps that work as well for me. Overall the trend of already-paid apps becoming subscription services is unfortunate. I’m usually willing to pay a one-time fee or even for upgrades, but I have yet to use an app so irreplaceable that it is worth paying the subscription. And I’ve read the developer response to similar reviews. It still amounts to a bait and switch. I already paid for it - and I’d rather keep the version I paid for than the “new” version that dangles blocked features.

Lots of features you never use

John JacobJingle

For the last 3 years it seemed great. But the reality is that rarely did I use them. When if comes down to it thE apple calendar has improved greatly and provides 99.9% of the features you need. Save space, memory and money skip the extra app.

Great App but way to expensive


It is a well designed app with potential for great usefulness. But simple bits of information like anything other than a timeline view requiring an expensive subscription make it a no go app for anyone that doesn’t make six figures and have money to burn. Cut the subscription to about 33% of current price and it would be a more reasonable and useful app.

Great Calendar but...

Frank the Rook

I am really loving Fantastical! The only thing that could really allow the productivity usage of it to go even further would be to allow more task manager apps (like Things 3 in my case) to be synced with it. The standard iOS Reminders app is not good and I don’t want to have to rely on that to get my tasks incorporated into my calendar.