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Fantastical - Calendar & Tasks is free iOS app published by Flexibits Inc.

Font size


It would be super useful if you could let us change the font size in each calendar view. In my opinion, current text size in month view is way too big.

Has the BEST widget


This app has the best Full Calendar widget around

Widgets! And suggestions


App developer is very responsive!!! This app is amazing! I use it all day everyday!! This has been my go to app for my calendar, tasks, etc. Love the functionality, one I use most option is when typing a new event the / shortcut to make it for a certain calendar and also the switch to task swipe option. I love the new widgets. They are a game changer. I can see most of what is coming up and tasks that I need to do. Some Widget suggestions: - Can you make the widget option (on all variations) to allow for “all day events only”? I end up having it say “4 all day events” (items I can’t see) and one reminder showing and that’s all) - Could you allow for more items to be shown on the medium size widget? I think there is space for at least one more. - Could you have the option to specify # of days showing in the widget?

Best All Around Calendar App


I have used a lot of calendar apps and fantastical is by far the best all inclusive calendar app. The integration is unmatched. I love the fact that it integrates iOS reminders, weather, tv shows, and sporting events, to name a few. The usability is, well I have no words for it. If I had to say what I like best, it would be the integration. I don’t mind paying for apps that actually help me in my everyday life! Keep up the good work. Looking to see how this app evolves.

Wish there were more features


I’ve had this app awhile and paid for it. Later I realized I couldn’t share my appointments with my husband like I could with the google calendar. Also, it disappointed me when I realized I couldn’t use this app on my Macpro or iPad without buying the app in each platform. I understand I’m paying for the software but even a good discount would be helpful, especially considering there are other apps out there with more features. I’ll use it until my subscription expires and then I think I’ll try out a different calendar. :(

Good, not great

Boo Yall

I love Fantastical, but the feature where the app tries to predict dates based on the title of the meeting (for example, assuming a meeting with someone named “Mayo” must be on May 1) frequently leads to incorrect dates. Is there a way to toggle this off??

It’s okay but 39.99 a year?


Subscription is too much

The Calendar layout


I find the layout of the weekly and monthly views a bit confusing.

Problem with Apple Watch 6


Great app but can’t get it to work with the new Apple Watch 6 Have tried everything but keeps saying “attempting to log in via iPhone” Thanks so much for the quick response I can now use the app on my Apple Watch

Great App


I’ve been using Fantastical for years and find it a much better alternative to Apple’s Calendar. I like the natural language input, which makes entering events much easier. The one missing feature that would make it perfect for me is the ability to set floating time zone as the default.