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Fantastical - Calendar & Tasks is free iOS app published by Flexibits Inc.



Latest update broke most of the widgets. Please do basic regression testing before releasing updates. Update: Widgets fixed...

Took away widget


Why did you remove the old style widget? With the old widget I was able to interact with it. New Apple widget force the app open all the time. Very disappointing.

Apple signup problem


I am paying a monthly subscription via Apple. Never had a problem, except…I changed my phone. I use an Apple ID for my apple identity and one for the Apps and family sharing. However, Fantastical only allows to sign up with one apple identity. Weirdly enough, I can still use fantastical on my old iPad, I will be careful not to sign out the app! Too bad, I unsubscribed from the App, and I am shopping around for another calendar app now. I see that the ratings of this app have been falling since last I checked…

Awesome Calendar


Super quick to add events, easy to use, design and feel amazing.



Ignore the hate, it’s still the best name in the game. I literally couldn’t function without it!

Best Calendar App!


I love this app, it helps keep my schedule organized and works perfectly!

Very hard working app!


I am a calendar guy, but this app is amazingly smart.

Tasks disappearing


When you add a Task, then switch to Calendar view and back to Tasks view, the Task disappears. Rubbish!!!

Doesn’t deserve 3 stars


This deserves 5 stars, the app is amazing, yeah you have to pay for premium, but that’s reality everywhere nowadays. Totally worth it.

Excellent Calendar

the OS og

Edit: 1/4/21 If you’re one who doesn’t mind subscriptions, then this is an excellent calendar app, and I believe would be a great program to subscribe to. As for me, a pre-subscription user, it’s still my favorite calendar, even without the extras that come with the sub. Not to busy, but still powerful and pleasing to the eye. Great widgets also, the original and the new ones. Previous review: Conflicted. As long as ALL my features from v2 are still included, then I’ll give v3 five stars. I actually like the new look, and I get a few extras. I gave v2 five stars, so thank you for the “grandfatheresque” inclusion to v3. That said, I don’t do app subscription’s. I understand the need to get paid, but if I’m not using your program as a tool for work that is in turn paying me, it makes no sense to pay you such an high monthly sub for an app I only use on my phone. Great app, highly questionable revenue model. While I do not and will not subscribe, a lot of others don’t seem to mind. So someone will be there to give it to them.