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Fantastical - Calendar & Tasks is free iOS app published by Flexibits Inc.

Untenable Solution

Yates Networks

I wanted to use the app to better managed my life. Whenever I go to set a new event and turn off All Day setting it to a specific time frame and save it shows as being All Day on the Calendar. If the very basics of the app are not functioning this cannot be used. I will cancel my subscription now.

Great app but issues after last major update


This app was the best calendar app on the market for multiple Google calendars. After the last major update several months ago the app has become unusable on all my iOS devices. It totally freezes when launching on all my devices from iPads and iPhone. Support has been responsive but I don’t have the time to help them with all the requests. I ended up switching to another app after two months of frustration.

Not for me


I was looking for a simple calendar to schedule appointments. There was supposedly a “Free” trial. I was unable to even look at the app without giving my payment information. Then I began getting a ton of email. It all felt wrong. I deleted the app. Use caution

I like UI, but reliability is more important


Cant sign into Apple Watch. Just spins and goes back to sign in. I have followed all trouble shooting steps on website. App is over priced as is. But for it to not work is just insane. Especially on the latest iphone and Apple Watch.

So far, so good!


I looked around for a long time to find a Calendar app and task list combination that could handle my complicated calendars and obligations and bring me into the digital age not too painfully. This one seems to be the ticket. I have been using it for about six weeks now, and no longer have to carry around a paper calendar! It has been reliable, and it’s fairly easy to use and customize.



Necesito ver mi lista día a día, semanas, meses y años. Ahora aparece FLEXIBITS Premiun???. Ustedes mismo saben que los meses y años se veían, NO ES LÓGICO QUE COMPRE PARA VER LOS MESES? PORQUE COMPRÉ UN CALENDARIO? y ahora aparece FLEXBITS.???? En las compras pasadas aparecía y se veía todo el calendario, porque ahora esto??? Saquen de en medio de la pantalla esa promoción y honren las compras viejas…que función tiene ahora? No se puede hacer casi nada….hay Dios mío no lo puedo creer....tiene que a ver alguien en Apple que fiscalice esto con las estufas…

Not flexible


When I set a to do task, it tries to auto fill which I hate and sometimes it will display a map connection. I don’t want either and yet, no one can tell me how to turn this off! I want to export the calendar and import it into another, but cannot do that either. I bought the 2 version, but the 3 went subscription. I feel betrayed by that as they changed the rules during the game. I have a subscription that I bought on another platform for a one time fee that went annual membership and they honored their word: I’m still a lifetime member. Come on Flexibits! Step up

Appointments Above Reminders Finally?


There is no better iOS or Mac calendar! Just get it folks. as for the devs: please consider finally allowing the option to see the appointments of the day above reminders for those of us with long to do lists!!

Latest version breaks Home Screen widgets


Widgets turn black and do not populate with data.

Widgets broken


Widget shows up as a black box.