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Fantastical - Calendar & Tasks is free iOS app published by Flexibits Inc.




Great app with ridiculous price tag


Love the app, but $40 a year is insane. Forget it.

Needs some improvement


I pay the $40/year steeeep price for the app because it does a lot of things I like. I was a WeekCal user (which is a good calendar app). Haven’t seen a lot of improvements in the last year. So in order of importance, here is what I would like to see: 1. I use the app with Todoist. There should be a switch that allows appointments to go to the top instead of the bottom of the todo list. 2. I like the templates feature and have about 40 of them. Ability to search for a template instead of scrolling. 3. I do business all over the world and find the time zone setting for meetings really confusing. Should be able to say 3p pst and it knows what time to put in the schedule for est. Or use GMT standards. 4. Travel time is a real pain to implement. With WeekCal, I would put in the address and it automatically put the time in from my home. And it was easy to change the start location if needed. Fantastical is super fussy about drive time. If I put a location in, just calculate it for me! Hoping for an update with new features.

I Just Tried Fantastical


I have been looking for a calendar app after my previous app (that I had used for nearly eleven years) was abandoned by the developer. I selected Fantastical based on a good review on YouTube. I track all my tasks/events on my Apple Calendar and Apple Reminder apps. But the interface (especially for Apple Reminders) doesn’t offer workable views (like week view or month view). Fantastical offers nice views. I like the look and feel of the Fantastical app. The reason I rated Fantastical only 3 stars, is because: if a task is created in Apple Reminder, it will display in Fantastical. However, if a task is created in Fantastical, it won’t record on Apple Reminder. What this means (having just been through the enormous frustration of an abandoned app!), is that if Fantastical goes away or is unsupported at some point (e.g., not updated by developer for future IOS), then any tasks created in Fantastical are gone forever!

Must have


A must have app for me. 4 stars because it’s expensive

Think I’m done


Update: Contacted support, sync is better. Not perfect, but better. I love the actual idea behind fantastical - it’s actually a great app - but the sync issues are driving me up the wall. I can’t rely on it - items that are on my calendar on my mac (also fanastical) don’t show up on my ipad, or maybe they show up on my ipad and phone, but not mac. That’s the issue. it’s isn’t reliable. Having to force quit the app and restart it so it’ll sync is fine every once in a blue moon, but not multiple times a week.

Almost perfect…

Mr. Mister 09

Hi Fantastical 3 Team, I hope this review finds you all well! TLDR - Love: Zoom integration, duplicate event combining, & E2EE. Would love more if: when adding a new event, it would recognize and auto populate the details (the notes, specifically) from the most recent version of that event into the new one (please let me know if this is a feature already and I am just missing it?). First, I want to say how grateful I am to have found this app. After my Outlook Zoom integration got buggy & disappeared, I realized how critical that feature was for my workflow. I also appreciate how this calendar recognizes and combines duplicate events, as I use multiple calendars to track event meeting notes vs. personal notes. Another highly valued feature is your focus on E2EE. It is very difficult to find any service that will provide a user experience without cyphening all of their data. For those reasons, I am willing to pay the current premium (although, as student discount would be welcomed for those of us on such limited budgets). That said, there is one major iCal feature that has made me consider returning to their simplified set-up. The template feature in Fantastical has surely served many, and I imagine I could learn a few things to make better use of it. At this point I don’t really use it like I thought I would, as I typically just use the “duplicate” &/or “repeat” features. However, I am one who prefers to take notes right within my calendar, especially for ongoing projects, and I appreciate being able to see all of my previous notes for the project in the current “event” for the day as well as “save for future events.” My work around for this in Fantastical 3 is to go back to the last event I scheduled with that project title > duplicate > change the date/time to the current day. I’ve also considered linking a google sheet in the notes of a template…would just rather keep it in one place vs. having to open another app/screen. I know it seems minor, and I also know that removing as much “friction” from admin processes as possible can dramatically shift productivity over time. Is it possible to add this feature in the near future? As an aside, I know that the premium account comes with access to another Flexibits contacts app that I am currently not utilizing. At this point, I wonder if a shift in marketing would help users see its benefit. It seems like there could be some improvements to how accessible that app could be, as of right now it comes across as something that could create more work for me to setup, rather than alleviate a burden. Overall, I really appreciate this app and the developers’ responsiveness to its users’ feedback, questions, and suggestions. I also trust that the glitching I have seen (e.g., the screen going blank for a sec, or bouncing to a different date randomly) will continue to be smoothed out. If you could add the auto populate for event titles & their respective updated notes, I this would hands-down be an unbeatable app among it’s competitors!!! I hope you find this feedback to be helpful! Thank you again for all of your hard work, ~K

Not iCloud compatible for me. Useless.


Advanced calendar user. I don’t love the iOS system calendar app and was excited to find an alternative. Works fine with Google, but won’t work with iCloud, despite hours of troubleshooting. Basically will sync once and not again until I log in again. That’s a deal breaker.

Subscription model makes this app useless


The route developers are taking by removing one time payments and enacting subscription models for their apps is predatory by removing basic functions and charging the consumer for their use.

US Holidays


This app is my goto calendar. I do love it’s ease of use. However, ever since the update to the latest version it KEEPS alerting me about every US holiday despite me having that calendar turned off! It’s driving me insane!!! I have it unsubscribed everywhere and it still pops up in Fantastical every time, no matter what. It’s sooooo annoying, might delete later! ? Update 12/30/21: For a few months this app has been perfect and I’ve loved it. But these alerts about every holiday every time is back and it’s driving me insane!! It may seem like a little gripe and maybe I am being petty. But for an app that is suppose to be such a simple thing to just keep annoying me this much isn’t normal. So, for my own sanity, I’m deleting it!! It was (kinda) nice while it lasted ??‍♂️✌?