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Fantastical - Calendar & Tasks is free iOS app published by Flexibits Inc.

Fantastical History Recall


The main reason I love Fantastical is for its ability to be able to retrieve my old appointments way back to 2009 from all my calendars. That is awesome considering that Apple (grrrr) only gives you a measly 1 year.

Weasel company

Undue I OCD. H uihnch h

If I could give no stars a would. So delighted to see this app slide into oblivion due to their shady tactics. A previous great app till their sneaky upgrade. What a bunch of weasels. Too many good options out there to deal with an underhanded company.

Just not working/syncing properly anymore. Very disappointed.


It takes a lot for me to take the time and write a review, and I will do it on good and bad experiences that I really feel need to be shared. I have loved and used Fantastical for years and it is just becoming more and more frustrating. Constant sync issues, always a need to reconnect and uninstall/reinstall, and I just don’t have time to manage an app that should be working for ME to manage my information. This app was great for so long, but for the first time, I’m going to be looking to a different app/solution. Hoping this helps anyone looking at this app or going through similar issues.

Please put day of week and month on the app logo!


I’m a creative and sometimes need to Be reminded what day of the month it is!

The best calendar

Boar Squad

So much hatred for this app charging a subscription fee. Free apps are actually very expensive if you value your personal information and privacy.

Fantastical is FANTASTIC!


Love this app. Incredibly useful.

don’t interpret what I type ..

Tiger 008

This app constantly deletes what I type and changes the date and/or time of my appointment; too many words and numbers trigger this behavior. It’s a daily burden! It’s clear the engineers and managers don’t use this product! At least give us an option to turn this feature OFF!!

Love the iOS version but …


The watch app doesn’t work. I open the watch and it says “Open Fantastical on your iPhone, then tap Sign In to continue.” The problem is that I AM signed in. It works fine on the iPhone. Too bad about the watch. I just set up my watch new and reinstalled everything so I know it isn’t me, my watch or my data.

Hands down the best calendar app


So I was trying to clean up my subscriptions to save some money, and I thought, surely there’s a good enough calendar app out there that’s close enough to Fantastical. I tried a bunch, and boy, I was wrong. Besides just plain not working well, other apps are such a cluttered mess, don’t have anywhere near the feature set, or nearly as much support for shortcuts and widgets. Do yourself a favor and just get Fantastical if your calendar is important to you.

$60 per year. Joke That’s fantastical.

Tony Stilson

Updated; Dec 2021 Continues to disable previously functioning features. These are always presented in the form of an upgrade. No thank you. Lets look at this for what it is. A $60 per year, Calendar and Planner app. That is spendy. I already paid top dollar for their functioning product which they have now broken. For existing users this is disappointing down grade, presented as an upgrade. You loose a key feature unless you upgrade. Specifically, you no longer have full page day, month, week or year views on your phone screen. You also loose dual timezone support. And at $60 every year for a planner, that represents poor value. I strongly believe in a subscription model for some software and have a number of subscription services. Mostly these add complex new features or new content. Fantastical has added “A weather icon.” Adobe has a photography subscription service for lightroom and photoshop $9.99/month. Expensive, but this has added a lot of complex and new features and constantly adds new camera interfaces and digital file formats. It functions in a vastly more complex multi-developer hardware and software environment than Fantastical. A planner app functions in a much less complex environment. I hate to be seen to defending Adobe who have a monopolistic control over this software, but the offer way better value than fantastical. Way more complex and changing features for the price, Moreover their market is a lot smaller. The market for planners is huge. If Fantastical is going to move to a subscription model. 1.)Don’t remove existing features and then present the upgrade as something great. 2.)Price your subscription a price point that reflects your value and does not gouge, you’re a great product, but many of the new features are not that useful to many of your new users. There are many other competitors out there, there a few barriers to entry when creating new software features. Unless the value proposition improves: ie baseline features get replaced and monthly I will not be upgrading at the $60 yearly pricepoint.