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Fantastical - Calendar & Tasks is free iOS app published by Flexibits Inc.

Command Center

Musically Enlightened

This app is my command center. The perfect combination of calendar(s) management and task tracking. Love it.

Shame about subscription


Purchased this app on my last iPhone and loved it. After two years switched from android back to iOS. While I hope it’s still as great as it was, changing to a subscription based service is a sure way to get me to use something else.

Was an OK app.. now not so much.

Lexicon Rebel

I liked this app at first because what I needed was tasks (reminders) to continue reminding me till the task was checked off of my calendar. However as of today “reminders” on the iPhone Fantastical app are not updating when you change the date. They will update on the Fantastical app on my MacBook Air and in my reminders on iPhone and on MacBook Air but stopped updating on Fantastical iPhone app. Also when I run the app on my MacBook Air it makes the fan go crazy and heat up. I’m considering moving EVERYTHING to something new again because of all these issues. It’s also somewhat cluttered aesthetically which I was dealing with but on top of all these other issues it’s not worth it I’m too busy and can’t have things fall through the cracks when I’m on the go and working remotely. Looking for another option now. Which is a shame because I spent so much time setting all the reminders up.

No free version


I got this app because the developer responded to the posts. I got the app and went to set up an appointment and it wouldn’t let me add it to the calendar. I had to buy it. I deleted the app

Great app but


The widget often falls out of sync with app data AND other widget data. Sometimes it doesn’t even have the old data but just doesn’t show data at all or only shows data in the heat map.

Great App

Robb Sky

I’ve been using this app for about 6 months and won’t be going back to the free calendar apps I used in the past. The ability to propose multiple times for meetings is indispensable for my work, and the functionality of the app is top notch. If you don’t want to pay for an app, then you don’t want this app. But if having a robust calendar is important for your work or you personally prefer it, it’s worth the money. I would also like to see Apple delete all reviews of the subscription model rather than reviews of the app. No one cares if you like a subscription model. Reviews are meant to help users know how well the app works.

Dark Mode


A true black dark mode to take advantage of the OLED display would be appreciated.

Get this calendar - it’s fantastic:)

Lt. Dan2558

I love this calendar. It is simple to use and allows tons of info when making an entry, if you need that, or just use it to make a quicker entry if not. I love the fun stuff they incorporate into this app, as well. I earned the storm chaser category badge early on due to my amateur interest in tracking all sorts of storms.

No Special Features for Past Buyers (CRAZY!!!!)


Why not unlock features that are in the new version for people who purchased the app in the past? Why not unlock 2 features for past users? You claim to say the features we used are there already but that’s the issue. Those who purchased the app get the same introductory features as those who download the app now for free. That’s ridiculous.

Ugh, what happened?


The app won’t show birthdays no matter what I do, it used to have an amazing widget with full month calendar with dots of events underneath and also events listed under, now that’s possible - you now have some pointless heat map and events are not as easy to read. Also, subscription? Do I need premium features to even have what I paid for before?