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Fantastical 2 for iPhone is paid iOS app published by Flexibits Inc.

Awesome app...


I'd give this 5 stars if there was a way to see a small preview of what a certain reminder is on the lockscreen instead of just seeing the "Event" indicator. Maybe there is a way and I just haven't found it but I've looked. Otherwise it's awesome and has many user friendly options to cover everyone's needs. I've used it for many years

Fantastical is... fantastic!


Things I love: - List view answers the question, “What’s next.” Great complement to the month view. - Month view and the widget gives an information dense overview of your future without being cluttered mess. - Best natural language input I’ve ever used. - Love the reminders integration. Things I don’t love: ??? Can’t think of anything. This app lives up to the name.

Pure awesomeness!


Indeed the best calendar replacement for iOS/iPhone - 2nd to NONE! Comments to the Devs - feature request of the following: - Implement email to task option - Attach photo and audio recordings - checklist and todo options Thank you - keep up the *great* development! ~Happy Customer!

I love this app


I have been using this for several years now. Like other reviewers have said, by far the best calendar/reminder app.

Only one (pain in the a..) problem


This is a great calendar, the user interface is well thought and works well. The views are spot on in displaying what you need and how you needed. However, on feature that has good intent causes many problems. When in the list view that allow moving tasks by holding and sliding it up or down. First off, the usefulness of this feature is limited, how many times do you need to move a task to a different day at the same time? The bigger problem is when scrolling tasks are always moving when you are trying scroll. So your meetings are then wrong. Please add an option to turn this behavior off

What is so special about this app?


I paid for this thinking it would make my life easier and more organized. So far I cannot see how it’s any different than the calendar I previously had on my phone except that I paid $ for this one. I like the visuals better but don’t like that it dumps all my tasks from the iPhone app I haven’t used in 2 years... and I can’t figure out how to add tasks to this calendar it seems to just carry over from the old one? Why? What’s the point? I’m willing to change my review if I discover how to actually use this app and actually find it useful

Lack of views creates a cluttered mess


There are a very limited set of ways to look at your schedule, which makes for a cluttered screen that doesn’t effectively show conflicts and open schedules. There is no calendar day view, just a list. You can only view the week sideways. You would expect the ability to see the daily calendar with a sidebar of tasks, but you can’t. You would expect to be able to filter events from the list to clean up the view, but that is problematic. The app just isn’t practical for day to day use when you have a busy schedule.

Best in managing multiple calendars!


So picture calendar, home calendar, calendar with a group of friends, google calendar and even a medical calendar interface. Fantastical is AWESOME, combines all of them in one spot, color coded and organized. It is THE calendar I look at first thing in the day. AND syncs with my watch. I’ve been waiting for a calendar like this for years! THANKS!

Must buy separate app for iPad


I just got this app and haven’t played with it much. Thought I would put it on my iPad so it would be larger, but then found out you had to pay an additional $9.99 for the iPad. I guess I should of checked it out better before purchasing it. Live and learn. I will post an update after I use it and let you know if it is worth another ten bucks to put on the iPad.

Fantastical 2

Lisa the Lawyer

Just got it and can’t get an event to add. Says this calendar is read only. What gives?