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Life360 is the world’s leading location-sharing app, and is the best way to stay connected to family, friends, and everyone in between.
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Use Life360 to:
* Create discreet Circles for the important people in your life
* Share your location with who you want, when you want
* Get automatic notifications when friends and family arrive at favorite Places
* Communicate one-to-one or to an entire group with free in-app messaging

“This app is like OnStar on my phone for everyone in my family. I love it!” –Meaghan Merrill

**Keep friends and family separate**
Life360 Circles allows you to organize your friends and family into unique groups. You’ll start with a Circle for your core family – mom, dad, kids – but the sky’s the limit! If you’re the Circle admin, you get to decide who’s in and who’s out.

Create Circles for your cousins or other extended family, add a Circle for your nanny or babysitter, or create a temporary Circle for the Little League team’s trip to the playoffs.

If you have friends or family who’d rather not be connected, that’s okay, too! Circles will allow you to keep them separate when you need to.

**You control your information**
Location, messages and Places are all tied to your Circles, so you can check in with your Grandparents Circle and not the book club. Need your daughter to pick up milk on the way home from soccer practice? Message your Family Circle and not your best friends.

You can pause location sharing to any Circle at any time, which is perfect for caregivers who don’t need to share their location 24/7. (Or for anyone who just needs a little “me” time.)

**Take the guesswork out of your day**
If you often find yourself texting “did you get there okay” or “when will you be home,” Life360 Places is for you. Create zones around your home, work, school or anywhere you visit regularly. Whenever someone in your Circle arrives or leaves, you’ll get a notification letting you know.

Places are Circle specific, and you set your alert preferences. Get alert notifications for arrivals and/or departures, and decide whom you want to associate with each Place.

Keep your family safe and connected with Life360 Premium, and enjoy more of the app you love including:
· 24/7 Live Advisor: Always have someone standing by ready to help
· Emergency Roadside Assistance: Flat tire, no problem.
· Stolen Phone Protection: $100 mobile phone replacement
· Unlimited Places: Keep your entire family connected with unlimited Places and more.

Life360 is free to download and use. Life360 Premium adds the great features above and is available by subscription

Two subscription options:
· $4.99/month
· $49.99/year

Price may vary by location. Subscriptions will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes account. Your subscription will automatically renew unless cancelled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. You will not be able to cancel the subscription once activated. Manage your subscriptions in Account Settings after purchase. For more information on our privacy policy, click

With Life360, you can also:
* Check in to let your Circles know you’re okay
* Get driving directions to people in your Circles
* Track a lost or stolen phone
* Utilize the Life360 panic button, which will send a voicemail, email and app notification to everyone in your Circles, letting them know you need help

Disclaimer: Continued usage of location services while the app is in the background can excessively drain battery.


iOS 10

Widget needs improving. It would be nice to be able to see where circle members are instead of a checkin and panic help. Would like to be able to use Siri to check in and send a panic also.


This app has cause many conflicts within my family and has hurt us way more than it helped. To all concerned parents I would simply recommend trusting your kids.

Map vs list history

Great app! Want the list history back! Do not like map to map history.


This app eases my mind to a complete other level. The help alert is amazing!!! Thank you this app!!

Work these bugs out please!
The Reviewer of everything

This app definitely needs to work out their bugs!! Just yesterday (9/13/16) my husband and I were sitting watching my son's soccer game and I kept getting alerts that my husband had left the school followed by a few minutes later telling me my husband has arrived at the school. This went on for the entire time of the game and during that entire time, we were sitting right next to each other. Not only is this annoying but can create MANY problems with it's inaccuracy!!! If these bugs aren't fixed soon, I will most definitely be deleting this app.

Such a reliable, well-designed app!

Highly recommend! I use it to track my 11-year-old daughter because she bikes to and from school. It sends alerts when she leaves and arrives at saved locations. You can also see the route taken. Helps spare you from stress!


I amazed! Free and works perfectly. I am a parent of a 16 year old and it gives me peace knowing where he is at all times. Thank you!

Kills battery

App kills batteries! Beware. Need a battery pack to really enjoy this battery HOG. This is an issue they neither address or fix


Outstanding app! Let's the family keep track of everyone with their busy schedules. A must have for an active teenager!

Great app, but needs improvement

My sister and her family just drove across the country. I loved being able to follow them via the app. It provided an added measure of safety. Although accuracy has improved, it is not perfect. It's still a bit glitchy. However, overall, I love the app. Follow-up: Still love this app, but it keeps saying my son is somewhere that he clearly isn't. Throughout the day I keep getting notifications that he's at another location 1/2 mile away, but he's standing right next to me. Hmmm.