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Fairy Farm: Magic Village Adventures

~~> Get ready for the most exciting journey of your life!
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~~> Raise amazing mythical animals!
~~> Cast spells and expand your magic garden!

Fairy Farm is a kind and beautiful game about magical wizards. Working magic has never been as simple as it is in our game – clear tutorials and fun quests will help you learn how to play in just minutes. Here, you can cast incredible spells using the ingredients that grow right on your Farm. You can build astonishing buildings, plant fantastic plants, and raise and tame hundreds of wild and domestic animals of which you have never heard before. Let your imagination run wild expanding your territory and building the Farm of your dreams! Beautiful graphics, fun characters and magic adventures will please anyone who likes farm games and wants to have their own magic garden.

- No Internet connection required. You can play anytime, anywhere!
- Regular updates available every week with new and unique animals and objects!
- Discover over 150 magical plants and trees!
- Tame over 400 animals, like the flying pony, dragons, unicorns and other unimaginable creatures!
- Craft potions using the berries and herbs from your garden and hold the bravest of alchemic experiments!
- Decorate your Farm with the endless assortment of incredible objects!

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Fairy Farm

The game is crashing and freezing every time I collect from dragons. Please fix this problem. Thanks for the attention..?..?

So I thought it would be cute, but....

The main playing character is super ugly. Why does the character we play with have to look so different from the NPC stuff. The big head and ugly bright blue eye shadow is awful. They put so much detail into the game but its like they could not even be bothered with the actual detail of the character they expect us to use. They just plopped this big headed ugly character with no detail down into a world she doesn't even match. And the game starts with barely any energy and your character is confined to the smallest little square of land ever. It just starts off completely awful. Hope it gets better by the next hour or two of playing. If not, I wont even bother to waste my time.


Adore this relaxing game but I wish you could do more without running out of energy.


Omg! Make it stop! Done with it. I kept hoping updates would fix it, but they've gotten worse. Things I've spent actual cash on no longer work. Flame lion was supposed to fill energy, but now gets zero. And that's in addition to collecting going from one energy to five. Basically , you can collect six items per hour or so, without spending money or gems. The CONSTANT redirects to post on Facebook are awful. Collect, redirect, close, collect redirect, close...every time you do anything it posts to FB. I finally had to revoke permission, and then it got worse. I played this game for almost four years. I'll never pay another cent to The developers.

Cute, but gets expensive as you go.

I love the game. It's an adorable game with all sorts of critters. You have to pay in diamonds now just to expand your land, and the cost gets higher as you go. Also, now I'm finding some queasts wont even complete unless you buy a part. Tacky. I may delete.

Got boring fast because:
the original elfarran

- crystals much too difficult to get - you don't get credited with crystals by doing the ads - you accumulate all these items and then they just sit in your inventory; you can't do anything with them - all you really do in this game is move items around your farm, grow things for no clear reason and wish the crystals were easier to get The game itself just isn't fun enough to buy into to get the crystals.

Lack of instructions
Kodi Blue

There aren't any guide or help to assist in progressing with this game. You can't buy any fancy animals or items because you have to use your gems and they don't come easily. You just keep growing fruits and things and then what? You keep feeding a hen that is constantly hungry and doesn't produce anything. It's better to play Township than this game. At least there you can progress quickly! Don't waste your time with this game!!

Mini Moo 3/5

Really like this game but it is full of bug, no room, sorry but it just cost too many gems for land, also very slow and very glitchy. Even invisible objects. Things that should take hours takes months. Would like a restore button. Would have been a veery fun game if it were done properly, so very dissatisfied.


I really love this game but because you make it so hard to get crystals, im gonna have to delete. I shouldnt have to go through so much drama to obtain crystals.


Must read! If there is anyone who is still playing this game, please read this! I started playing this game a month ago at the end of December 2015. I am still playing as of January 25, 2016. If you are far enough into the game where you have the Wind Whisperer (the purple dragon you earn from getting all the bingo cards and getting the chests), I found a glitch to where you can get unlimited coins and gems. You must have at least 10 gems but when you speed up the dragon (costs 2 gems) the dragon will give 3-5 gems that's including giving you back your 2 gems you spent to speed it up. You continue to do this over and over again. No more spending your real money. Only problem with the game is that the developers have stopped updating the game so there are a lot of things missing to do quests. I am now stuck at doing any quests because the 6-7 quests I need to do on the left hand side of the screen, requires things that the developers have ceased to add back into the game. I am probably going to delete the game now because I am forever stuck unless they decide to add items back into the game. But wanted to let everyone know the glitch to get free unlimited coins and gems. I was hesitant on sharing this in fear it would be patched but the developers have given up on their game so I don't care plus they probably won't fix it since they no longer keep up with their game. In case they do fix this, happy glitching until then :) hahaha.