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Facebook Blackout
Libra Foxxys78

For the past 4-5 days, I will open Facebook, and it will blackout then close on me. Regardless, if I’m scrolling my news feed or about to make a status update, it closes within seconds of me opening the app. I removed the app from my phone and reinstalled it 7/13/2018, and it’s STILL doing this!


App won’t load and if it does load it’s all old stories and won’t refresh

Malet, malet

It's already five days and the application does not work. Someone has to know what happens and if they do not get to know who.

Free verse

I’ve already contacted FB 3 times over this and I’ve always loved and used them but now I’m getting frustrated. My notifications aren’t working and haven’t been for at least a month or more. They don’t load but 5-6 a time and than when I try to scroll down the see the rest of them it goes back to the first same few or it makes them disappear completely. I am getting really irritated and I’m missing notifications unless I’m using the app when it comes up. I can’t even try to access my account on a computer because of how many times I have had to delete the app and reset my password trying to do everything to try and fix it. And here I am again. I literally don’t know how many times I can contact you or put a review up about this I’ve had the same issue for a couple months now. My newsfeed is not working and hasn’t been. It only loads the first 5-6 notifications and when I try to scroll down it goes back up the the same ones and I don’t know what I am missing. Not even sure how to screen shot this or take a picture. But even after 2-3 updates it is STILL doing it and don’t tell me to update it or delete it I’ve tried deleting it and installing again and NOTHING changes. I just want my notifications to work. The only time they do work is if I’m on FB and the notification comes up at the top of my screen. I’ve yet to see how it only happens to me. No one else seems to be having this issue. What else can I do? And will I ever get a response?

Annoying Sounds

I turn the sound off.. Facebook turns the App SOUND back on. So annoying to be in a quiet place and go to check FB and have sound blare out from a stupid ad. Edit: Thanks for waking my wife just now Edit: Thanks for interrupting the Tonys Will keep updating each time the sounds turn on without my asking- NOW 26 TIMES

Crashing all he time
Boat baby

Just in the last 24 hours app keeps crashing every minute or so. I uninstalled.

Facebook keeps shutting down

The new version keeps shutting down on my iPhone. I’ve reinstalled it several times and for a little while it works fine then it’ll start up again doing it. iPhone has plenty of space and that’s not the problem. So tell me what up with it ?


Since the last update...the newsfeed does not update. 😡


It has been good, but on 7/15 it crashes after a few seconds, every time.

F*ck Facebook

Literally got banned for 30 days for telling someone to “stop whining” and Facebook has absolutely no appeal process to fight it. Just another example of Facebook trying to be the thought police.

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