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Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Facebook doesn’t run GPS in the background unless you give us permission by turning on optional features that require this.


No more swipe!

I hate this latest version! Articles in a smaller window and now you have to touch X to close instead of swiping back to your timeline. This is much harder to do one-handedly. Bring the swipe back!

Facebook App continuously crashes

Facebook app is constantly crashing while scrolling. I have re-installed it several times, updated my IPhone8 iOS system but nothing works. Extremely frustrating and not sure where to go from here.

Unhappy with update

Since the latest update, the Marketplace posts no longer show how old the listing is. This is especially frustrating on garage sale posts. The sale may have been last weekend - or a month ago - and it is listed as current. So now I will have to contact everyone to find out if their sale is current, and hope they get back to me. Many people do not remove their listing after the item sells, so it is important to know how old the listing is. PLEASE put that feature back!

Simple things done wrong

Something as simple as showing the most recent posts in chronological order should never be broken. It’s so simple to write and test that software, so I can’t understand why Facebook can’t get that right.


Having so much problem signing in.


The translation option after a different language is used is not working. It just keeps downloading and never stops. No translation comes up. I restart FB and still... nothing! With a multilingual state like New York it’s hard to communicate without the option a direct translation. This needs to be fixed.

Doesn’t work well on iPad

I really liked the convenience of this app on my iPad but I am just about to give up on it now. There are too many issues... I post on my business page and there is no way to close it, I have to shut down FB app and reopen. I click on a link and it fails due to too many redirects, I can’t schedule a post at times on my business page. Messages disappear. I give up. I will just go through my browser.

Keeps Crashing

Despite being up-to-date, this app has been crashing all month long 😑

Issue of this version

This’s version is can’t update the post And the app closed suddenly

fix it!!

Facebook will not save changes to my profile. I removed my featured photos to add new ones and now it let’s me add them but the “Save” link is disabled. Same thing for relationship status.. etc. If you are going to keep updating the app, please make sure that you fix these things, not make it worse. It is very unappealing to the users.

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