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Where's my TRENDING NEWS??

I have latest update and now my trending news has disappeared. Used to access it by placing cursor in 'SEARCH' bar at the top of the phone screen. WTH? Having to access FB via their website now.

App keeps getting worse

Why the heck does this app keep getting worse? The man in charge of mobile development deserves to be fired. Why move the messenger button to a horrible location?! (And why are we still being forced to have a separate messenger app?). This app makes it very clear that Facebook has zero regard for their users.

No iOS 10 compatibility

Update: image viewer/video viewer in latest app is absolute trash quality on iPhone 7 (iOS 10.0.2) Lock screen 3D Touch is absent. Deal breaker. What does Facebook do with all its employees on app dev team? It's a shame that Facebook's messenger team supported callKIT and Facebook app team is yet to support anything in iOS 10.

Marketplace... really?

Please put the messenger icon back where it belongs. The marketplace is ridiculous. Put it in the menu section, or whatever it's called. On top of it – maybe give us the option to filter out people selling illegal drugs? That'd be nice.

Allow people to disable share button

Please allow an option for people to disable the share button. If I wanted my posts/pictures shared with others, I would add them as a friend.

Update Made App Worse!

So... I just installed the newest update, and now I can't open the app at all! As soon as I touch the icon, the screen flickers as if it's opening the app, then goes back to my home screen again. Instant crash! I thought updates were supposed to fix things, not make them worse?! Hmm... I hope there is a 3rd party app out there that works decently because the browser version isn't cutting it either :(

Pjrbcb Bowser

Refuses to load newsfeed unless I delete and re-download app.

Can't do anything
Mechanic mommy

I had to temporarily delete the app and now it won't let me re download

Wth did you do?

If I need to buy something, I'll go to Amazon or Craigslist's so NO THANKS, I don't need a giant button in the center of the tools bar to see what people around me are selling. Return the Message icon to where it was! It is stupid to have it up to the top left corner where it is so inconvenient to reach.

Not updating

Newest version to the app won't download on my iPhone 6. Why!?