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• See what friends are up to
• Share updates, photos and videos
• Get notified when friends like and comment on your posts
• Text, chat and have group conversations
• Play games and use your favorite apps

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Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Facebook doesn’t run GPS in the background unless you give us permission by turning on optional features that require this.


stop F-IN updating

Can't post pics in reply anymore. Imagine if we didn't have to get updates that did things we don't want and things just stayed working? Crazy idea huh?

Facebook is shutting down by it self
abdulmonem alshayeb

Every time after opening the page it shuts down Continually after the last update

Name policy

I hate how I’m been blocked for using a name that I have use for social media my entire life. I guess I will have to delete this app. I’m not giving you a picture of my ID. I thought Facebook was suppose to be a diary where you post your thoughts. Now those thoughts aren’t private anymore. Anyone can look up your name and see everything about you!!

New version update doesn’t work
BluIrish Eyes

This new version is horrible. When I’m trying to write a comment, invariably I have to re-do it because it doesn’t post it the first time. Use the desktop version!


Don’t like the way videos are organized

Crashes frequently daily

Never had this problem before. This version is constantly crashing. Once you open the app again and start scrolling, within a minute, it crashes again. Pls fix it. Using it in an iPad.

It went old
mohammad allahyari

Facebook should be simpler to can competition with other socials and messemgers look like instagram and telegram it should be newer i think but its not bad at all

New replies easy to lose

The last update made the application almost useless. When I am typing in a response to a feed entry, it opens in a popup window. Any touch outside of the window, even accidental, and the whole response text already typed in is gone. In the previous versions of the application, I could recover the typed in text by going to the same place in the feed. It does not work anymore. In one case, I have missed the arrow to post the response and I have lost the whole response instead.

Too many ads

Can’t see all the people or pages that should be in my newsfeed! Seeing the same ad with a different name at least ever 3 when scrolling.

This update

My Facebook has been stuck in this position for 3 days! I don’t know if I can quit this update as I have tried everything! I need my Facebook back now!!!

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