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2/5 rating based on 6063 reviews. Read all reviews for Facebook for iPhone.
Facebook is free iOS app published by Meta Platforms, Inc.

It's a dying platform


Stop downloading this app and giving them every piece of information about your life. They don't care anything about you, only about what they can get from you and sell it to others.

My Facebook don’t have the dating section????

miki mick mick

My Facebook incomplete ?

After update


UPDATE: I can now view my profile but now am unable to log into Panera using Facebook ??? Unable to view my profile. Or play games on messenger.Says my internet connection is bad while on Wi-Fi or my cellular service????

Nothing loads!


Nothing on the app will load, and I know it is not my connection because I can perfectly access it on my laptop, just an awful app

F*<£ Facebook !


#T£uWp won!



I’ve deleted and redownloaded this app MULTIPLE times. It will not let me search anything. I type in the name and it says no one with that name is found. This is ridiculous. I’m about to delete the whole app and forget it. It’s not worth the hassle.

Bad app


The data breaches and privacy issues make this app unfavorable, no wonder they have a 2 star review altogether



There is no excuse why a company like Facebook should have a horrible app like this. This app is the definition of pathetic. Riddled with bugs. I would be ashamed to offer such an app like this by my company.

Stopping background videos/music


Stop pausing my music/videos playing in the background whenever I open Facebook. I already turned off in app sound and auto play, but it keeps happening.

Facebook no working


Facebook es basura ya no se puede usar bien como antes,sus actualizaciones no funcionan