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Facebook is free iOS app published by Facebook, Inc.

Keeps crashing on me

wIz KiDdd

The app have been crashing on me non stop since these past two patch, Fix it!!



Content doesn’t always load, or takes a very long time to do so, this has been the case for a long time now w/the app, better off using a browser.

Can’t delete pics, they keep everything


I’ve gone into my account and deleted all my photos and videos. Yet, Facebook keeps providing pics and videos as memories. I’m deeply disturbed that they’re keeping all my info! I’m thinking I may have to rip the bandaid off and leave FB all together. ZERO privacy!

The groups view DOES NOT WORK.


Update: I was given the schedule post feature for my groups and now it's gone. Where did it go?! Also my pins still don't work right. When I pin a group, I want it to be at the top of my groups list. Instead, groups I never look at are at the top and the ones I have pinned don't show up at all. Also, if I accept an event invite it is included in my groups list. I have 3-5 groups I look at daily. I want my one touch access back!

No other choice


The single most annoying gripe with this app? Top Stories vs Most Recent. I have never met a single person that would rather see the ‘Top Stories’ a random algorithm has chosen vs just seeing everything in the order it was posted! You have to go into the menu EVERYTIME to see it. This would be fine if most recent EVEN WORKED! I see things from 5 days ago before posts made yesterday. I’m lucky if anything comes up from the last 6 hours. Seriously, sort the basic stuff out in one of your constant ‘we update this app every two weeks but nothing changes’ updates please.

Sliding to take off the notification was better

Juu Yume

Sliding to take off the notification was way better and simpler than touching and selecting to hide.

Please Fix Bug


Keeps putting me back on post when i try to look at comments it moves from the right side to the left but won't show up the comment section. PLEASE FIX THIS ASAP.

Facebook is broken


Ever since the last update - 5/15/18, the app doesn’t update.



Every time I watch a posted video from any source such as friend, group, or someone I’m following...when it’s finished playing, why does some random next video that I have no interest in play?? Unless I hit back after the video, other random videos would just keep playing continuously. AND I especially hate the live videos that start playing after. What is the purpose of this feature?? Makes me mad! 😡

Stop making so many changes

Country Music Lovers

Wish we could set our immediate family members not only to see posts first but to bookmark them on live feed to see their posts first. We use to have this feature option last year before all these new Facebook changes. My photo picture albums still does not open up on my home page fully. Only just a few show up. It takes a long while before all my albums appear. This is annoying.