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Facebook is free iOS app published by Facebook, Inc.

FB is toxic

Jan Michael Raymundo

I deleted my FB account 4 years ago and it’s the best decision ever! There’s too much bad stuff you can get from FB. Too much drama. Get a life people. FB is not life. Trust me.


alaa kahlout

When anyone write post i can't read the post

The marketplace feature doesn’t work!

C. Dior

I mainly use the marketplace feature in the app and it doesn’t work anymore. I’ve sent in a notification to Facebook and still haven’t got answers back about a fix. Does anyone know how to fix this? Every time I post an item, it says that there is an issue with the post. And there are no options to fix it. And it only has 1 view after leaving the post up after a week. No one has seen the post except me.

I cant download app


It wont let me update app so i deleted app now wont download



In response to all people wanting Facebook to remove the Stories section that blocks half the screen, Facebook made it bigger. Please have this annoying and useless feature be optional, not everybody wants half their screens covered by something they are not interested in.

Got 24 notifications, wish I could see them!


The notifications page hasn’t updated in 4 days, and my app was updated 4 days ago. You’re about to lose me, bookface!



Please change the redesign look of the pages on Facebook please. Change it back to normal, I liked that look better compared to the one now. Also, will you please change the “About Me” again, as I said I don’t like the redesign look of it, I prefer the old look to it. Please fix it.



The Facebook app keeps telling me I have a message, but each time I look there is nothing there. I’ve checked the “requests” and everything. My messenger app shows no messages. I’ve closed all apps and still it shows a message notification. It’s annoying.

Crop setting


You guys have removed the setting of having the option to crop our photos to our desired size. Please return the setting that you’ve removed. Thank you.



I normally never have an issue, but I’m only able to see 8 post at a time on my time line. It’s really annoying. I don’t know why. But can y’all please fix it soon!!!!!!! Thank you!