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Facebook is free iOS app published by Facebook, Inc.

Crashing every 2 minutes


I may have to delete the app. It crashes every two minutes. It also attaches to your microphone and listens to convos. I have a friend named “cat shirt Kyle” and after hanging out with him Friday, I was bombarded with cat shirt ads on Facebook all day Saturday.

Piece of crap


Busted link loops in circles and leads to dead ends. I have had Facebook on my iPhone for years but something recently has changed, thanks a lot Facebook. Messed up marketplace in a big way.

Picture settings need to be changed


I hate the latest update for Facebook, the picture editing settings are horrible! I hate that the same editing settings are used for uploading pictures as posting a story. It doesn’t let you click on the picture or select filters, you can’t even crop the picture. The only reason I use Facebook is to post pictures now these new settings make me not even want to have an account! Please changing the picture settings!!! I miss having the filters

Terrible Service


I would like to speak to someone about this Facebook app. I’ve been kicked out of my account and I never receive my security code, I’ve been contacting someone for the longest and sending verification of myself but I still never got an email response. I can’t find a number or anything this is frustrating. I’m close to deleting this app!



Each time I open the memories notifications my app gets strucked

Crashes all the time!!!!


Since the last update the app keeps crashing all the time. I deleted it. I’ll download the app again to no avail. I know I’m not the only one with this problem. When are you going to fix it?

Updates over 150MB


Not having WiFi makes it nearly impossible to update the app when over 150MB, which is more often than not. So frustrating, and would think creates a security loophole.

It’s been 5 days with this horrible update 🤦🏻‍♀️


Since latest update the app won’t refresh at all. Can’t even use it 🤷🏻‍♀️ (I did re-install) I’m not the only one. Now it’s crashing 💥 5 days, Facebook?? Really?


dont have pne

My Facebook is shutting down on the post,I scroll down to see post and after a few it stops and want scroll and this has never happen to me and I have been with Facebook for a long time and I called a number that said they were Facebook customer service and I hardly could understand him but he got my email and said he check and hackers was causing the scrolling to stop on my Facebook and they were using my pictures for porn and now I’m very disappointed with Facebook

Clear my notifications please


This new update messed up my notifications. If I click the notifications button, I now have to click each individual notification in order to clear it. LETS NOT DO THIS FACEBOOK...fix this ish fam.