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Facebook is free iOS app published by Facebook, Inc.

Frustrating lately


After just a short while, videos stop loading even on WiFi. I don’t see all my friends posts even though I’m following them. I really dislike that things aren’t in chronological order even if I select most recent. Ugh!



Every change affects somebody. I had a reach of close to 7,000 but due to new algorithms no one sees my post (unless they get a notification or goes to my page directly. Otherwise it may show up a couple of days letter. What happened to just letting Facebook be Facebook. Police the bad, share the good. Instagram is way better.

So laggy


Freezes so much, won’t even play a video for longer than 5 seconds.

Stupid af

Amber is annoyed af

This app has so many bugs and you guys just can’t see to get it right. Over it.

Notifications and Groups


I absolutely hate that my notifications are not in chronological order. It's annoying and unnecessary. Can groups have their own separate newsfeed? Maybe we can have the option for a group newsfeed instead of marketplace newsfeed. I hate marketplace and would love to separate my groups from my friends on newsfeed. Groups posts are completely taking over my newsfeed and I hardly see anything from friends anymore. I hate to unfollow, but it's getting out of hand.

New Facebook Algorithm 👎🏼


This new algorithm needs to go! Ever since they recently changed it, I see the same multiple posts for days. I’ve been seeing the same post I liked from 2-3 days ago. I have to go to the last tab and click on most recent just to see something new. If I just try to refresh, nothing happens. Change the algorithm again!



The app and the social network is useless. All they do is make families and friends hate eachother.

Useless crap


Goddamn it Facebook... you really did it by disabling my account. This is the fourth account 😫 I gotta delete this crap

New update is junk.


I hate the new update especially on videos. I don’t like having to click next video and none of the videos even fit the same description or category as the previous. I think I’ll delete the app and go to mobile browser.



Funny how they have the nerve to report post that don’t even show nudity but you idiots now have porn paging that try to request people as friends everyday!! I get more then 15 request from fake pages that do nothing but post porn! This app is trash on both android and iPhone. Trash.