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Facebook is free iOS app published by Facebook, Inc.



Ok, what....the f*ck?! Every time I try to watch a video the app crashes or freezes... FIX IT! NOW!!

Fb live


Love my ability to connect in so many ways. New app updates to FB LIVE does not allow to forward/skip through a replay Live. Why? Can this be changed? I often skip around to see portions or the end? Very disappointed in this change to live which I absolutely love!



Since the last update, The progress bar is no longer showing on videos that were once live. So you can’t fast forward or rewind. Please fix.


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Take a look


Need to take adds off face book and I use to like the market place to see things people are selling and now they have things on there that I looked at previously and they are pushing them on me trying to buy things new from a website I don’t want to buy things from a website if I want to I will go there and buy them.

No privacy


I've been hearing rumors about how Facebook listens to you when you have the app open and I wasn't too sure if it was real. Today I was looking online for gifts for my family this Christmas and I had Facebook open on my laptop but not using it. An hour or so later I opens Instagram to look at my feed and I see an ad for the same exact product from the exact website I was looking at. Instagram is made from the same people from Facebook so I find it creepy how that random ad was there on MY feed. I believe now Facebook is going through our computer to see what products it can advertise on their social media platforms and I feel unsafe now.

Doesn’t work correctly on iPhone X


When using the Facebook app, the information normally displayed on the left and right of “the notch”, shows as shifted to the left. Normally, one would see bars, WiFi, and battery life on the right, but when in the app, one can only see part of the battery. The bars and WiFi shift into the black space

Live vids and the replays


When I’m watching the replay of live videos and I click onto the video to bring up the running time, it brings up a huge white window that prevents me from seeing that bar. I cannot scan through the video or pause or fast forward.

The latest update is horrible


The latest update has my app crashing every two seconds. Useless app.

Very good

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