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Facebook Mentions is currently only available to verified public figures. To gain access to Mentions, visit http://facebook.com/mentions.
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Mentions is a better way for actors, musicians, journalists and other influencers to stay in touch with their followers and the people and things they care about on Facebook.

• Go Live - Tell your story as it happens with live video.
• Talk with Followers - See what people are saying about you and the topics you’re interested in.
• Stay in the Loop - Get posts from the people you follow and see trending stories in one place.
• Share Everywhere - Share updates across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, all from one app.
• Tell Your Story - Start conversations directly from your phone by posting updates, sharing photos or videos, or hosting a live Q&A.


Good but limited

It's cool it's exclusive but what's the point if we still have to use the page manager?? I can't delete comments, answer comments, block users, or even read my messages in this all. I'll be honest the only reason I use it is because it's exclusive and cool to show off that I have it lol but tbh it should have everything the fan pages app has and a lot more, because right now it's just a way to search my news feed, read mentions, and like comments. It doesn't do much else even the stars are limited more than the normal Fb app, and especially the fan pages app. Redesign it so it's all in this one app ?


I like this app. Especially cause it's exclusive to verified pages. KEEP IT THAT WAY. I would like to see pages interaction with regular profiles to improve. A way to add or follow regular profiles would be nice. Also tagging profiles is hard / impossible. I pretty much would like to not have to use my regular profile and replace it with my verified page. OH and PLEASE make a way for live broadcast to syndicate on my regular profile as it's airing.

The best, by default.

I don't know why Facebook changed its full (desktop) site experience, but I find it impossible to know when I'm using the site as my verified page or my personal, non-verified page. If I want to post as my verified page, and know I've posted something as my verified page, Facebook Mentions is the only way to go. I still prefer using Buffer to share links, but when I have to interact with Facebook as my verified account (replying to comments, following others' updates) I greatly prefer Mentions to the desktop site.

Disappointed in recent update

The new "update" seems to have removed the "reach" numbers and inconveniently, removed the "share to Twitter" function. I wish I could revert to the old version.

This new update is bad...

Whenever I comment, it shows it from my personal/private Facebook page and not my Main One. This couldn't be good? Stalkers everywhere. Tisk Tisk. Will probably delete this app soon.

Bad update

Seems like a buggy update. Notifications don't go off after opening the app.

Not sure if it's worth using anymore?

We've lost the ability to share to Instagram and Twitter in addition to that now everyone can use the "live" feature. I'm not sure I see the benefits to using this particular anymore. Hopefully the "share" ability will be fixed.

No steps forward, two steps back
Retro Mix 107.9

This latest Mentions update is terrible. Not only does the notification badge not reset, but the "share to Twitter and Instagram" options are gone. Without those functions, this app is all but useless to me.

Facebook Mentions Review
Roby Cole

The app seems quicker now! I just don't like that share to Instagram and Twitter options are now gone! And sometimes when I comment on a post within the app it posts using my personal account! I am really looking forward to an update to fix those issues. Thank you Roby Cole

Muzik ProduSir

The latest update of Mentions is a huge let down. Whenever I'm posting from the app, it's posting as my original profile page and not the verified page. I don't know, if this was done on purpose or a coding oversight. I'm sincerely requesting the Mentions team programmers to fix this! Also, the ability to share on Instagram and Twitter was taken out, and I can't think of a reason as to why. When I first started using Mentions, the big blue checkmark when posting a comment, and the round 'Go Live' button were really cool! Using the 'Mentions' app and using the 'Pages' app were two separate experiences. Now, it really doesn't feel like that! I almost don't want to use Mentions anymore with these new changed. Please bring it back to how it was before!!