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- This game is suitable for 5-95 years old.
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Games Free HSIN-NAN LIN iPhone, iPad, iPod

- Play this game with your favorite friends in a good mood but make war with your disagreeable friends in a bit of mood.

- There are 5 matches in a game. Having been losing 4 matches does not mean that you will be lost. Please don’t give up any match which can make reversion.

- If you have won five games continuity, congratulations you have a good luck.

- We cannot 100% sure that you played with the famous person who is the same person in the real world.

- When this game is updating, many tools and photos are increased in the same time. Welcome to update at any time.


★ The game can be an one-on-one mode on the internet with your friend by your looking for or by computer’s match with random. You can play with computer when you are off-line.

★ A photo stickers is necessary for playing this game at first time to register.

★ You can choice your partner by your choice or random-matching in race.

★ You can choose the mode by the winner in paper scissors stone or Pokers.

★ There are five matches in a game. The people who has the most funny tools on face is the looser at the end of game each match.


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