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This app will record if any motion is detected. You will be able to adjust motion accuracy depending on the enviroment.
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Photo & Video Free Galia Aviram iPhone, iPad, iPod

Hard to keep an eye on things ALL the time?... Not anymore!
With this innovative, clever and extremely easy to use app you will never leave anything unattended!
The idea behind this app is simple:
As soon as the device detects some movement, it starts recording a video of the moving people or objects.
We developed this app to the last detail so that you can trust it as your personal spy!
Don't worry! Every time the app records the movement, it stores a video chronologically so you can view it at your convenience!
Furthermore, you can select the level of sensitivity to movement you desire, depending on the location or intensity of movement.just leave the app running and it will be automatically aware of any movement.
The possible uses are endless; at your office desk, with the babysitter, housekeeper, baby analyzer etc...
We are sure you are going to be very pleased with the results and feel more confident every time you leave.


Hector Garcia

This is cool you can spy in persons


No way to switch to front camera. No way to record in "stealth mode". No way to determine length of recording before switching off, I'm guessing it would just record until my iPad died, or it ran out of room? Not immediately easy to use, uninstalled.

Cool idea, doesn't work.
This Nickname was already

Every time I tried to watch a video it crashed.


This junk is fake.you can spy on people with your video camera or camera


Other crappy app... Will Fill your ipad and time with pops ups, the app doesn't work at all, because it just prioritize the delivery of on-screen adds. Installed for 10 minutes and had to get rid of it.

This is a joke

Don't bother. Also has constant adds popping up asking you to download a game.


Don't buy this app it stinks and is not useful.

Not good
Nancy Kuenzer

It didn't work one bit


Please update this app. For ios 8 🙏

Kitty cute perfect

Hate it it's the worst

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