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If you currently wear spectacles or contact lenses and are interested in trying coloured contact lenses – this app is for you.
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Eye Colours is an app developed by Bausch + Lomb that allows you to see how each of the 10 different coloured lenses from the refreshed SofLens® Natural Colors range look on your eyes.

This app is free and simple to use, just upload a personal photo and choose your favourite colour to see the effect on your eyes. Then save your new eye colour photo and why not share on Facebook, Twitter or e-mail.

This app is for assistance in choosing a colour of SofLens Natural Colors lens only. When purchasing the coloured contact lenses with or without vision correction, you should visit your eye care practitioner to ensure the lens is fitted correctly. The colours of the SofLens Natural Colors contact lenses applied to the selected photo image within this digital application are for visualisation purposes only.


A lot of issues...

Everytime I select a photo and open it to view and adjust the eyes and everything, I can never see the full photo! It's almost like I'm zoomed in into the top left corner but I can't move it at all! It doesn't work

Needs an update

Everyone I choose a photo it's zoomed in and I can't love it to the right place. Doesn't work.

Just Hannah

Ok so doesn't even work. Eye color doesn't show up.


Does not work at all! Waste of time!

Dont waste your time!
Mirkko Ferri

Does not work! It does not format no picture so there is no picture to edit! This app is pure messed up!

Not recommended

Doesn't work . Won't let me see the picture !


Doesn't work at all the picture doesn't show up and the eye color doesn't change. No reason to get it.


Don't waste your time getting this. I tried changing my eye color and it just added colored dots around my eyes and it still looks the same

Grey c well

I bought this app in hopes of making my eye colour brown, but the colours were all different shades of my current eye colour. Not everyone wants to have blue and green eyes, you know.

Don't get it

Doesn't even work! Don't ever get this app. It looks so fake it's bad. If I could I wouldn't give it any stars

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