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In this category are all those articles that are related to our world and mental health: capacities and processes. It collects information on how our thoughts, feelings, emotions and behaviors are related to configure who we are and our learning. In addition to articles of the main exponents of psychology, health and personal growth that will help you in the day to day of your routine and your work in all your relationships. Learning psychology is the best way to start understanding ourselves!

Emotions are a fundamental pillar in the life of every living being. Basic emotions such as sadness, joy, fear, anger, surprise and disgust, and their relationships with each other, along with the rest of emotions make up our day to day.
Discover in this category articles that explain how feelings are generated and controlled and explain your personal growth.
Ideal to understand emotional culture, understand your personal development, your relationships, your emotions and feelings and take care of your health wherever you are: at home, at work or anywhere.

The human being is by nature curious, so we invite you to read the less common topics on the web. Curiosities, rankings, lists and articles of general culture.
Curiosities about different health issues and relationships that will interest you.

Find interesting online courses on neurosciences, psychology and communication of renowned professors. The courses are divided into different categories: skills development, self-knowledge, health and wellness, relationships, coaching, neurosciences, education, meditation, learning, calculus, communication, personal development and teaching.
With the Exploring your Mind Courses you can learn about various topics, enhance your personal development or personal growth, learn psychology, relationships, improve your leadership ability, and much more, which can serve as a great complement to your work.

Official store of the Exploring your Mind.
In it there are different models of personalized cups for your relationships, as well as pens, notebooks and agendas with curious and thoughtful phrases.

This category includes all the articles that relate health and psychology to the world of cinema.
The main films that collect some of the important phenomena that occur in our mind are summarized.

Writing is a very useful means of collecting psychological ideas and concepts. This category includes all the articles that relate psychology to the stories or essays that appear on the pages of books of great interest.

Find content about psychology, feelings, personal development, personal growth and personal development, mental health, neurosciences and everything you always wanted to learn about psychology to help you at work and in your day to day.

You will enjoy topics of various kinds:
Disorders and treatments, culture, well-being, control of emotions, relationships, personal growth, work and latest research. All this developed by a team of psychologists and professionals from the social field that rely on the latest scientific publications, the theories of the most relevant authors and, in general, all the cutting-edge information on each health and psychology topic.

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