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Build a base, mine, castle, kingdom, empire or whatever you imagine on the infinite 3D environment! Enjoy endless world building games! Everybody loves building games that popular all around the world.
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Games Free SolverLabs LLC iPhone, iPad, iPod

Exploration Lite Free is an editor which allows you to move, delete, build craft, destroy, jump, save, building blocks and transforming the terrain in the 3D environment.

Explorer and builders, play for free now!



Great game but less seeing other people


Please put horses in the game that you can tame and have enchantment s

It was ok
corn on the cob22067954

There was too m at mobs and you couldn’t spawn animals but besides that it wasn’t so bad

Such a good game

I love this update now I have a iron golem it’s so cool. I love building. This is my favorite game.thanks.

Add hoppers

You should add hoppers so I can connect them to a chest

Frown. :/ Not the best.

Hello creators of this game (Lol) So I give this game 4 1/2 stars cause, it needs work. First the network is AWFUL! 😡 So I’m connected to the internet and I have full WiFi but it WONT CONNECT! Fix it. Also why can’t u jump in water?! The new update made that and I hate it. Also, add the nether and the end. And the chat problem. I can’t use apostrophes but people can use bad words? I mean whatttt? So ya and find a way that u can block friend requests. So. Respond and fix these things make an update and add and fix these things in it. P.S. if you don’t do these things I’m deleting the game


Ok now I can play but it now lags but it’s now working anyway for stars

Best game in the world

This game is the best because it is like Minecraft and you can build what you want on your land

Awesome open world game

Best game ever!!!!! Better then minecraft fans


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