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Expenses OK - the fastest way to track your expenses.
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Finance Free Mobion LLC iPhone, iPad, iPod

It isn't necessary to open the app to input new payment on iOS 8! You could enter data in the widget of the app.

The features of the app:

- expenses
- the handy widget
- subcategories
- pie diagram
- sync with iCloud
- password
- Touch ID
- Export to CSV
- Backups


Great app!

It took time to get consistent with jotting down all of my expenses but it made quite a difference in discovering where my money went every month!

app is awesome.

love this thing. it has trained me to be conscious of every dollar i spend and be able to track it. Life changer as far as expense tracking. Extremely simple and easy to use as well. ??

Buena aplicación bastante accesible aunque podría mejorar.

He trabajado con esta aplicación y me parece muy interesante y la verdad bastante accesible para usuarios ciegos que usamos voiceover. Sin embargo hay muchos botones sin etiquetar lo que dificulta su navegación a la hora de Escobar la categoría de los gastos. Me gustaría ver que usted corrige estos fallos para nosotros los usuarios ciegos. Agradezco esta aplicación porque funciona para mantener actualizados los gastos rápidamente. N o he logrado hacer que funcione el widgets con iOS 14 esto también sería un gran acierto para todos los que usamos su aplicación. Muchas gracias.

Great App
YDN Marty

Great app for expenses. Very simple but can export expense to other formats


It is do what you want to do, that’s it..!

Data gone

iOS updated and all of my data is gone. I tried the backup feature and nothing is there.

Simplicity is Key

I’ve been looking to find an app for a while that I don’t need to pay for or sign up for and Expenses OK is perfect! I just needed something to track my spending. I figured if I could see the amount of money I spend on a daily/monthly bases it would help me use my money in a more wise manner. The app is also really easy to use and looks great! 5 out of 5 well deserved stars!

Terrific App

I love this app! Use it to do my monthly bill payments and track my goals and expenses.

Needs one thing: photo attachments of our receipts

RBI’s would make it a 5-star app for me: 1. The ability to be able to take photos of our receipts (or select them from our photo albums). I’m willing to pay an extra $2 for this in-app purchase option. 2. It’d be very useful to be able to search within the notes we attach to individual expenses.



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