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Excavator Transforming Robot

Welcome to new war robots transform game in 2017
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Are you crazy about robot transforming games? Then grab into this eccentric blend of heavy excavator games with transforming games. This futuristic transform robot car is specially designed for the freaks of robot fighting games with the sheer exposure of robot transform and fight with other gigantic heavy machines, never seen in any other robot games for sure. If you are a fanatic of robot car games then you will love to drive this excavator simulator with an option to convert into car robot and fight with other transformable excavator crane simulators and dumper trucks. Download this supreme EXCAVATOR TRANSFORM ROBOT and have fun.

Fasten your seatbelt and operate this transporter robot. Game play of this robot transforming is fascinating. You need to drive the heavy truck simulator along with other cranes, dumper trucks and heavy machines and save them from other transformable excavators.

Once you hit any of them both will transform into robots and the real fun will begin. Your excavator robot will have to fight with other robots and need to defeat them. You have the choice to transform back into cars unseen in any other robot transforming games and robot fighting games. If you are a skilled driver of heavy excavator games then reveal your expertise in this excavator robot transform that would be a superlative excitement for you.

Excavator Transform Robot Features:

• Experience the transformation of the variety of excavator heavy machines to transform robots with excellent animations.
• Amazing HD, 3D Graphics
• Drive and fight the transform excavator robots.
• Option to convert cars into robots and robots back into cars in a realistic 3d environment
• Realistic Sound Effects
• Sensational robot car transformation experience
• 10 most challenging and exciting levels

In short, the supreme of transform robot fighting games is finally here. So, brace yourself with the best of robot games to experience the best heavy excavator robot simulator. You might have played many transform games but this unique car transform robot takes you to the next level of fun and excitement. Show your driving and fighting skills and open the new level of entertainment. So what are you waiting for? Grab the finest of dumper truck and excavator crane games with an amazing experience of car robot transformation. For sure you will get the real excitement. Just play EXCAVATOR TRANSFORM ROBOT, the masterpiece in robot transform games.


Great game!!

Very fun transformer–like game!!