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Evite is the most popular way to create and manage beautiful online invitations for your parties and events. We've sent over 2 billion invitations - let us help you send yours!
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• Choose from thousands of handcrafted new, FREE invitations, organized by category and keyword
• Super-fast search to find the design that's perfect for your special event
• Photo invitations can be personalized with a picture from your camera roll
• Customize your event's time, title, location, and host information simply by tapping
• Send a personalized message to all attendees along with your invitation
• Use your phone's contacts or your Evite address book to select your guests


• Keep on top of guest responses from our host dashboard
• Optionally track adults and kids separately
• Get real-time notifications as people RSVP
• Send updates and reminders to everyone (or just those who haven't responded)
• Invite more people anytime
• See your guests' comments and questions in your private event activity feed
• See optional gift registries, wish lists, and what-to-bring lists
• Change your guest's RSVP status and attendee count at any time


• Guests will be notified by email; they don't have to have the app installed
• Fun envelope animation reveals the invitation
• Easily RSVP and indicate number of adult attendees and kids
• Comment to the group or ask the host a question
• Change RSVP response and attendee count at any time
• Share fun pictures in the activity feed

After the event is over, browse the comment and photo feed and add to it at anytime. Relive the fun!

Let us help make your next event one to remember!

Evite. Be there.


Great App
Ryan DiParisi

Evite is a fantastic app for planning upper party or event! Was instrumental in planning my wife’s surprise party! Highly recommend!

Very poor

Clunky and lethargic. Very disappointing

Guest list and comments not showing!

So upsetting I am trying to see the guest list and edit them and I can’t I didn’t even see the comments pools are leaving!!!!

Hate it

I paid $30 to send the invitations. No one is able to rsvp. If there was going to be this much confusion I would’ve just done it manually. It’s taking more time and effort having each person individually ask me why they can rsvp and whether or not they can make it.

Guest list

App is 5 stars. However I’m giving it a 3. The problem may be specific to me but idk. When I go to look at the guest list I cannot see all the guests that have accepted my Evite or all the guests that have not replied yet. When I refresh the screen by pulling it down it’s still only shows me a partial list on both of them. I don’t know if this is a specific problem for me. I have an iPhone XS Max.


Good to know I’m not the only one dealing with a glitch. When I first started using evite in 2019, I had no issues at all. Now, I can no longer see the messages from my guests. It will show for two seconds, reset itself, then glitch out as if no one has said anything. I can only see messages from when I check my email. Please fix!

Jasma Davis
Jasma Davis

Love it!

Recent update broke the guest lists

Been pretty good until recently. Guest lists & messages are messed up!

Doesn’t work on iPad

I set up my evite on the desktop website. After that I’ve been monitoring it on my iPad Pro, but it’s horrible. I try to view the different groups (yes, no, no response), but the list either doesn’t display any names — when there should be — or shows an incomplete list. The longer list of “no response” sometimes shows the first few, sometimes the first half, and sometimes the second half of the list. It has never shown me the entire list. With the “yes” and “no” lists, it usually displays no names, even though people have indeed responded. So for right now the app version is a waste and serves no purpose.

What happened?!? 5/26/21 update is a disaster!

It has become more difficult to see all of the guests sent an invitation and those that rsvp are not showing at times! I had to bounce back and forth to get a screenshot of the list of the names that there was a problem in delivery because it kept disappearing after a few seconds. And some are not receiving even though they have numerous times in the past. Very disappointing and will be switching to another app.