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You may have read the books, but that doesn’t mean you’ve read the whole story! Discover unexpected twists to classic storybook heroes the EverMerge way in this magical merge game. In the EverMerge fairy tale, legends like Cinderella, Peter Pan and Pinocchio are all waiting for you to complete quests and match, merge and combine their characteristics to create a new alternative world. There are no traditional, stuffy storybook tales to be told creating merge magic the EverMerge way!
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EverMerge offers a very ‘grown-up’ take on classic characters, allowing you to match and merge anything with everything to create new characters with ATTITUDE! Take all of your favourite fairy tale legends and give them new personalities with a twist. In our magic kingdom, Sleeping Beauty has a caffeine addiction to feed while Puss N’ Boots hates being called ‘Kitty’!

Drag and merge combos of three or more to build up fun surprises, like candy falling from trees, wheat fields bursting with resources, or mines booming with treasures that can be combined into bigger ones. Merge logs into cabins and cabins into mansions. Create coral castles, moon palaces or turn wheat fields, carrot patches and corn fields into treats. Drag and merge items to create brand new story characters, like axes to reveal Paul Bunyan or jewels to reveal a shining Rapunzel. All of your heroes have a special twist in this magic kingdom.

But that’s not all! When you drag and merge coins or gems, you can earn trees of all shapes and sizes, candles to craft with, magic wands that unlock land or treasure chests that grow in size. With every merge puzzle and quest comes more magical rewards and a new hero to add to your kingdom. The more you merge, the more land you can capture, bringing your fairy tale kingdom to life.

EverMerge combines matching and merging with simulation for casual entertainment that is bursting with tasks to complete!

• Meet famed fairy tale characters who each offer a quirky character twist
• Uncover HUNDREDS of items to drag, merge and match together! Create multiple combos to reveal new evolutions and fill up your Discoveries book!
• Get help from worker gnomes, evolve magical unicorns collect sweet treats or craft tasty recipes for your new storybook heroes.
• Journey to special event islands to play time-limited challenges or play recurring events like the daily lottery that pays out exclusive, valuable resources
• Play alone or as part of a community
• Pause game play at anytime

• Open chests, collect coins, merge gems and make recipes for daily rewards
• Play merge events to meet other EverMergers
• Complete special merge puzzles to earn special treats
• A new quest is always waiting to keep you on track

Make the biggest and most creative fairy tale combinations to build your own exciting kingdom. What will your fantasy merge strategy be?

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Fun game, but…

The game is fun. It has great graphics and is a time killer. My on,y complaint is that it takes FOREVER to build up certain items! You can go for weeks before you’re able to unlock/upgrade something. That kind of takes the fun out of it because you’re trying to build up and you really don’t see much progress


It didn’t save my progress that I had for 2 months+ ALL BECAUSE OF MY STORAGE….


Thanks for changing the feedings! But can we quit the double tap to just one. And can they all be hungry at once - & not have to go over the whole island over & over - or let Heidi feed them. I think She’s bored, cold and hungry. She doesn’t even have a zoo shack too call her own. And she never eats - they get castles and food on the main island - And when can we rearrange and customize mystic island? The zebras are way too close to the ocean.

Like the game but….

I started playing this game a few months ago. I really like the game, however, it seems to take extra long now to get to Paradise Cove. Also, whenever I go to Mystic Isle and I am in the middle of making a lot of merges, the game shuts down, EVERY SINGLE TIME! It’s very annoying when you restart the game and you lose the last merges you made before it shut down. Also, since they added the Frosty seasonal event recently, it crashes MULTIPLE TIMES in one session????....I finally deleted the game. I downloaded Merge Fables now, thought I would try that for awhile.

Love it but...

...can we get an event where we can earn wands? Just an idea! Even if it’s just once! It takes so long to earn enough wands to unlock new areas.

So disappointed

I have played this game so much and spent more money on this game as it was my only main game. But with the issues of glitches and oh heres a 100 gems after I spent $45 on the Christmas event is just wrong. So with a heavy heart I have deleted the game and wont be playing it. The game play for regular items takes so long to accomplish. The animals twice as long. Its just frustrating lately.

Constant crashing

I love this game but for a long it constantly crashes. I’ve communicated with the developers and they say they’re working on it but nothing has changed. When it crashes you lose all progress you’ve done prior to the crash. I have worked 30 minutes then it crashes and I have to start over. I simply don’t have time to deal with this. Instead of the crashes getting better they’re worse. Every time before I play I clear all history, cache, cookies...and check all of my settings and that doesn’t work. I give up!

Can’t play, keeps looping with offer

I have been unable to play because it keeps making an offer, when I type “no,” it asks if I don’t want it, I click “no” and it starts all over again.

Good game

Take so long get the amount coins ,love the game and the added games help.

I love this game

You can actually play without paying. Literally! You win and make gems all the time that you can save to pay for events. This is a merge game that actually lets you play and have fun.