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Discover popular local events, get event recommendations just for you, and see which events your friends are going to! Get tickets and quickly access all of your Eventbrite tickets and event information from your iPhone. Find something new to do -- concerts, festivals, classes, conferences, free events and more -- right in the palm of your hand. Now, event organizers can stay on top of their sales and stats, and check in event attendees from the app.
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Entertainment Free Eventbrite iPhone, iPad, iPod

With Eventbrite for mobile, you can:
• Discover popular and recommended events happening around you
• Find upcoming events for this week and weekend
• See which events your friends are going to
• Register for and get tickets to events
• Store your credit or debit cards for fast, easy purchasing
• View event details, including maps and directions
• Add your Eventbrite tickets to Passbook
• Easily share events with your friends
• Get into events with just your phone -- no paper tickets required!
• Use Apple Pay to buy tickets on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Log in as an Eventbrite event organizer to:
• Look up and check in your event attendees off a guest list
• Easily validate ticket barcodes using the camera on your device
• View live sales and event attendance stats at any time

Also available in German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, and Swedish.

What is Eventbrite?

Eventbrite enables anyone to create, promote, and sell tickets to any event imaginable, while also helping people discover and share events that match their passions. Whether it’s a neighborhood block party or a sold-out concert in a stadium, Eventbrite makes it happen.


WOSB Certification and Application Process webinars
Frustrated R.

Poor… the links does not work to join the webinars.., it is a vicious circle that returns to the SBA site but unable to connect after clearing cookies, accepting cookies. Even my IPhone 12 was unable to connect. Hanged my password for Eventbrite and logged I. Multiple times but no success getting to webinar. This is my 3rd failed attempt to join a webinar from Eventbrite links.


So happy to be apart of this event

Could be better

I want to be able to see and click on flyers if I have a ticket for an event, even if they aren’t selling tickets anymore. The partial flyer does me no good.


I love this app and because of MovementBe I was brought to Eventbrite from them! It is so quick and easy to sign up so what are you waiting for......,

It’s great!
hjhcd egg h I i

It’s great!

No Longer Feeling Lost

I’ve been trying to get my business and my life on track since this Covid insanity hit. This app has opened up a whole world of supportive people networking, sharing information and holding space. So far everything has been free. I am just now getting the hang of the app, but my calendar is already filling up with events that fill my heart with excitement! It been a wonderful discovery! So far I have nothing negative to report! Thank you for such a useful platform. This could prove to be life changing for me!

The WORST Platform
Avoid Eventbrite

This platform consistently does not work. As someone who has attended events on Eventbrite something is always missing: a passcode an ID, whatever. It never seems to work and of course there was never a person to contact about it. I try to avoid events on this platform; it always disappoints.

More time

there need to be more time to get tickets. We have a big group and it yoms out.

Site is slow but effective.

That’s way to get in touch with the current events.

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