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Escape Game: Locked House 4

Escape Game: Locked House 4 is a point and click escape game. You are trapped in your house. You must find the key to unlock the door. Search the house and look for the key to escape from the house. Use clues and solve puzzles to escape. Have fun!
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Games Free Arul Mani iPhone, iPad, iPod

-Nice graphics.
-Awesome puzzles.
-Finding hidden objects.
-100% free escape game app.
Download the game for free now and enjoy solving the puzzles.


Flower clue made zero sense

I had to watch the walkthrough for the solution to the flower puzzle and even then it made no sense. I don’t know what the logic to this puzzle could possibly be. The rest of the game was solvable but because it required a walkthrough, I rated it a one.

poor clues

flower clue was not understandable


The purple square puzzle will not work. I even used walkthrough and tapped in the exact order they did and would not work

Tough Challenge

A lot of tapping. Wore my finger out. It’s was very tough game for me & I play these escapes all the time



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