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Escape From Slender Man

The popular 'Escape From' series is back with a terrifying twist...Slender Man?
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The Slender Man is after you...for now you're safe hiding in the attic of an old house in the woods, but that won't last long. You need to leave before the Slender Man finds you, but first you must find the objects hidden around the house. Use the security cameras to locate the missing objects, but be quick as you only have till 5:00 A.M.

Will you be able to Escape From The Slender Man?

* Creepy and frighting horror experience
* Use security cameras to watch Slender Man and find objects
* Lot’s of jump scares :)
* Will you survive the night and escape?

If you like scary games, then you will love ‘Escape From The Slender Man’!



This game is so rigged!!!!Every time it turns 5:00 and you return to the main screen the whole screen goes black and then slender man appears and "jump scares"you 1 star only

Don't like it

πŸ˜•It isn't scary at all!!! The "jump scare" is extremely expectable. It literally tells you he's about to pop up. And when he does he just stands there. Nothing scary about it...

Nice ambiance but not satisfying to play

Creepy ambiance for sure. If it were not hindered by a 25 second ad for kids cartoons that airs every time you replay or launch it. :( Basic hidden object game but timed so you have to play it over and over to memorize where things are. Not worth it for the lame "you escaped" ending but I did it anyway. It's more entertaining to "die" and see the slender man but don't worry you'll do that within 5 minutes of launching the game.

Roger Akers

The reason I gave this a 3 star is cause it's so laggy and not fun it would be better if you get it on pc not worth it you can even play without gettting ads every 2 seconds