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epical - Find Local Places & Share The Best Vacation Destinations

If you like travel, adventure & photography or just loves discovering, sharing and exploring new places then epical is the travel app you have been waiting for! Epical is a travel guide built by local travel experts and the epical community. Get travel tips and advice from people that have been there. Satisfy your wanderlust as you browse amazing photos and read travel stories, peruse travel guides and local insight left by other epical users. Discover your next destination, find the hidden gems locals love and discover little know facts and secrets that make each destination epical!
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Ever been somewhere amazing, beautiful, bizarre or "epical" and wanted to share it? Have amazing travel photos and travel stories you want to share? Ever wanted to explore new places around the world or just around the corner? Join our growing community of savvy travelers, explorers and curiously minded individuals who love to discover, share and explore epical places around the world!

Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Epical only requires background mode if you use the watch extension.

With epical you can:

• Use your creative eye to share beautiful photos of your travels and adventures
• Share your travel tips, travel stories and travel adventures with a community of adventurers
• Use geo-tagged photos to map your journey and tag special places you want to remember
• Create a map a road trip or vacation plan and share it with friends
• See trending locations from around the world
• Connect with a growing & passionate community of travels, explorers and lovers of great photography
• Discover new places, local secrets and hidden gems
• Create a travel log to remember the places you've been
• Plan your next road trip and map it too
• Save your vacation memories
• Get travel advice from local experts

• Collect, organize and create a list of places you want to see one day
• Share your bucket list with your friends
• Explore lists and travel guides create by other users
• Map our your next road trip, vacation or field trip
• Plot and plan your next photo shoot

• Create Points of Interest (POI) anywhere you go and leave notes and travel tips for others
• Use your geotagged photos to share amazing and remote locations
• Make locations "secret" until someone stumbles upon them
• Post insights, fun facts, and photos about your travels
• Share your travel photos, locations or comments on Twitter & Facebook

• Explore "Private Locations" created by your friends
• Get a localized perspective, the next time you travel, from other epical users currently on location
• Use the location map view to better visualize places by seeing where people actually posted from
• Read reviews and comments about places you want to explore
• Locate & share amazing street art & street photography

• Augmented Reality lets you view points of interest in epical just by pointing your phone
• Discover "be there" locations that are unlocked only when you are nearby
• Comment and message with other epical users about interesting locations
• Search for friends or meet other epical users

Epical is a location based social networking app that untethers you from physical addresses, making it great for travelers and people on the go. Epical works with your phone's built-in GPS, geo tagged photos or map search to tag and explore any location on earth.

Many more features to explore...enjoy and remember to always "be Epical"

Please Note:
Epical requires a user account to use all its features. Registration is quick and free within the app so you can start exploring right away.

Web: http://www.epicalinc.com
Twitter: http://twitter.com/epicalinc
Facebook: http://facebook.com/epicalinc
Instagram: http://instagram.com/epicalinc


Great App!

Excited for the launch of this new app. Very intuitive user interface with features you won't find in other social media apps. Friends can easily follow your traveling adventures with the handy geotagging technology. Fun to use and helpful for connecting with others. Nicely done, epical!

Great app
Just ok 505

I love it


Finally an application I can use to find cool places around me that I never knew existed. I can even create my own locations to share with others. So cool I love it!!!

Epic App!

I found this app just in time for my epic journey driving through 4 states and back. Using this app on the road was so fun and made me stop at even more unusual places along the way in order to share them with my friends and family. I'm looking forward to my next epic journey to not only share where I go but to also find new places shared and recommended by you!

Unstable. Keeps crashing.

A few attempts but I only managed to add one location. The app crashes a lot. Got so frustrated I deleted the app after a few minutes. Needs major stability improvements.

Great App!

This app is great for anyone who enjoys to write reviews on places, and also explore the interesting wonders around the world that other Epical members post.

Great app for discovery

Beautifully designed app that helps you locate the wonders around you.


The app and the idea is all brilliant! You can see what others think about locations near you and find some pretty nice destinations!

Too limited to be of use.

A place that's 2000+ miles away from me is "nearby"? You could at least pull from Yelp if you don't have any real local data, but considering that Cleveland and Cincinnati are all tons closer to Columbus than California and the devs haven't bothered to list the famous attractions there...this just smacks of laziness.

Connected and cool. Just an amazing app that gives back!!

I love to see an app that is created by it’s users and uses geo-tagging for favorite locations too - that is the coolest. And another really great thing is that we can actually help the world with Epical. They help our local non-profit with their Location Donation drives and we really really appreciate their generosity and social connection. Thank you Epical. We will spread the word far and wide and post our favorite places to go, explore and enjoy!!

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