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EPIC MANGA READER - Read Comic & Manga Rock Book is free iOS app published by DAO BACH


Joella Manning

Pretty good so far, I was able to find almost all of the manga I was looking for, plus new ones as well. I don't exactly like how it started asking every time I went to a new chapter to rate, but it's whatever. Other than that it seems pretty good! 9/10 would recommend!

It has all my favorite anime manga's


This the best app for manga book




Probably the best app for manga

hsbush eve dhd

easy to use and one of the best apps for manga that i have used so far, i have used many different ones but this one takes the cake.



It has many great manga, the only thing is that it loads slowly... that's all!!


Stop spamming for rating

I love it it's just that it's spamming for rating and it's annoying. Also there are parts that I can't read because it says image not available.

Very good app


Very good app to read manga

Have to write a review


The app is pretty good



this is probably the best manga readers i've ever downloaded

I love it

yass babyyy

Love it